Apple Innovator Steve Jobs Dies

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Steve Jobs the visionary innovator who made products that were very effective, technologically advanced, dependable, and yet easy to navigate has died.  From the Apple Classic  to the IPHONE 4s, ease of use, cutting edge technology, innovative exciting design, and rock solid dependability were the hallmarks of Apple products.  This was especially true in the world of entertainment where Apple computers are the most popular to use to record with because they almost never crash.  They are the standard.  Just as the IPOD has become the new personal radio station.  Steve Jobs shows how the mind, will and imagination can be used to bring the future to the present moment, while making life more enjoyable for millions of people.  His vision showed the world of technology what the consumer had always wanted from the beginning.  A product line that is effective in executing its task, while with every use that same consumer becomes more proud of how they spent money on their initial purchase.  May the innovations continue.  Rest in Peace.

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