Emerging from the Sidelines of Life

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There are individuals who have been on the sidelines of life so long that it is almost a comfort zone to be invisible.  To take the risk to come off of the bench and actually win in the game of life is a scary prospect.    Mental excuses are made within to not rock the boat and become the champion that is hidden with their soul.  But to be able to grasp the opportunities that the universe has placed around us daily requires the energy to rise from the sidelines.  We have to sometimes Force ourselves to do things not normal to our daily existence.  Emerging from the sidelines of life can be like awakening from a long sleep.  We have to wake up because destiny awaits our recognition.  There is something you have to do that no one else can do in the same manner.  There could be an individual that MUST be inspired by you in order to change this world in some manner.  We sometimes forget that from the safety of the sidelines there is  no risk, danger, or stress.  It is staying in this comfort zone that prevents the world from seeing your genius emerge from behind the curtains of obscurity.  The world needs change, new thoughts, ideas, miracles and innovations.  We need as many people as possible to make this world a better place to live.  It is time for some of us to wake up and forever emerge from the sidelines of life.  It may be one of us alive today that may directly influence the mind of someone who transforms life in the future.  It could be as a teacher, parent, leader, inventor, musician, writer or any number of opportunities in which our actions, character and ideas can cause a major ripple effect in the life of a human being.  We can not do this from the sidelines of life.   We must emerge and walk thinking freely.

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