Fall in Line Behind Greatness

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If there is someone who has a particular skill set that is greater than ours why not learn from them?  Shouldn’t we be proud to Fall in Line Behind Greatness in another?    Some individuals will resist learning from someone because they just want to be the leader over them.  There are instances where a younger person in an institution is more qualified, and educated than some of the older employees working there.  This young person is sometimes blocked at every step because those in control will refuse to promote this person into a leadership position because of age.  Does it really benefit all parties involved if everyone wants to be a leader at all costs?  Do we constantly have to push ourselves up front to lead even if we are not even qualified?  If you look at it very closely many suffer under inferior leadership.  If a person is in a leadership position and they don’t have the skills, insight, vision,character and intelligence to lead properly it would be honorable to Fall in Line Under Greatness if it appears.  A person who is more qualified should be embraced and pushed to the forefront.  They should be seen as a blessing and not a threat to anyone.  Holding back the talented individual is like holding back progress itself.  It takes new ideas, and a fresh perspective for change to happen in an effective manner.  By falling in line under greatness we can open the door to let these new ideas and concepts come in like morning sunlight.

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