Friends For A Lifetime!

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We have sometimes felt a lack of true sincerity from individuals we have encountered in life, and it can seem confusing as to whether someone is a true friend or not.  At the beginning of our lives we sometimes assume we will have certain people around us who will end up being Friends For A Lifetime.  But what actually qualifies someone to be a true genuine friend?  Is someone a true friend just because you speak to them rather frequently?  There are many individuals who are constantly communicating with their friends via phone, text or email and yet feel very alone.  We can have all of the friends in the world, but if they don’t really add anything of value to our lives, what is their purpose?  When it comes to friends it is not the quantity that matters but the quality.

As we go through life we realize that a true genuine friend is like a diamond, rare and valuable.  Sometimes the people we have considered to be friends turn out to be the opposite of what we thought they were.  Some of the types of personalities I have thought were friends were actually a bit draining.  Those people eventually fall to the wayside.  Later on you feel like a weight was lifted off your shoulders when they were removed from your life.  Usually they end up being removed from our lives because their inner energy is not compatible with ours.  “Drainers” can sometimes be: envious, jealous, competitive, not supportive, backstabbers and more.  Sometimes we wonder why we are not achieving what we ought to, when we are in reality surrounded by “Drainers”.  A person who would be a Friend for Life would truly honor our gifts and not be envious, jealous, or competitive.  The person who would be our Friend for Life will not necessarily be perfect, but would accept us for what we really are within.  The quality of their friendship would out weigh having a high quantity of people around us subtracting energy from our lives.  It is very difficult to move forward in a positive direction, when someone is holding you back.  Especially when that person is supposed to be a friend.  Life is really too precious, valuable and short to waste time in the presence of people who do nothing, but create toxic circumstances when we are in their presence.  Do you really think time will wait for us if we waste it?




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