A Shooting Star, No Matter Who You Are!

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A shooting star is technically a meteoroid that is burning up as it moving through the earth’s atmosphere.  When it is within the earth’s atmosphere it becomes a meteor.  The appearance of this special event that occurs in our universe is similar to the lives that we have.  When you compare the human beings existence on earth, it is as if we are just shooting stars in a timeless universe.  As we live we think that our lives are really long.  Even if we live to be 100 that’s not really a long period of time.  There are countless generations behind us and countless generations in front of us.  Our lives are like the special shooting star  events happening within the context of an unlimited eternity.  A shooting star lasts as long as the blinking of an eye when you compare it to the timeless context it lives in.

Since we have now established how short our lives are within the context of an eternity, how should we play our cards with what we have?  All this really means is that we do not have time to waste.  We cannot sit still and just let our time here on earth fizzle away and be content with it.  It’s time that we not sit and watch other people all over the planet do things that we can only dream about.  This planet and all that is contained within it, is just as much ours as any other individuals.  This is just a reminder to anyone who reads this, including myself.  When will the time come that we are tired and exhausted in watching other people live a lifestyle we are definitely entitled to.  The earth is definitely our oyster, why shouldn’t we reach out and grab it.  With our time here being a fraction of the eternity we would like it to be, we can take out of our mental closets the talents we have placed on hangers.  We don’t have all of the time in the world to make things happen.  Contrary to popular belief there will be a time when it will be too late to accomplish your life’s goal.  The analogy of a shooting star and equating it to our life’s span is important because as human beings we tend to think we will always be able to accomplish something later on.  A shooting star is not a permanent fixture, it is only passing through.  How much life and accomplishments can we squeeze out of the moments we are blessed to have?  Isn’t that an important question for us to think about?


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