Passing The Musical Baton!

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In a day where so many people with some money can be instant producers, Passing The Musical Baton is going to be a necessary activity now and in the future.  How can the young or new unknown composers of today make a  impact on the science of sound if we don’t study some of the best music of the past.  Anything older than 10 years old is considered completely “old school”.  Imagine that!  There are individuals who can study paintings and artwork by: Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and others which are hundreds of years old.  These works are seen as priceless, timeless, classic pieces which capture a time period, and a culture.  Classical music is still studied and performed after being released hundreds of years earlier.  This is a message for composers who are actually looking for inspiration.  The inspiration is right in front of you, at the touch of your fingertips.  Your smartphone, tablet or laptop can give you the ability to tap into the music of the masters with lightning speed.  Whether you are producing: Dance, Pop, R&B, Jazz, or Hip-Hop try to make an effort to study some of the best composers who have come before you.  Especially those who have had successful careers and have broken ground musically.  Listen to the magic in their music, the passion, the unspoken feeling!  Read some of their biographies to get a glimpse of their thinking and the conditions of the time period they were living in.  Past success gives away its secrets if you look close enough.  We sometimes have to dig deep to come up with musical jewels and wisdom.

The term “old school” needs to be totally assassinated in its attachment to the description of music.  We may even need to re-program our minds to want to learn about the time periods of music that came before our current generation.  Regardless of the genre, Passing The Musical Baton may require that we listen to composers, bands or groups from the past to absorb their Greatness which will assist in recreating our own.  Listening to songs different from our usual playlist will help to expand our inner ear.  As this happens our musical tastes and decisions will expand and grow.  If we do not listen to those who are better than we are, our compositions may start to stagnate.  This is happening  today where there are only a few standout tracks on many albums and the rest is filler.  If there is no teacher to physically Pass The Musical Baton to us, then we must make it our responsibility to obtain the catalog of a master musician and study it.  We may have to Pass The Musical Baton to ourselves by listening to the greatness we desire to become by absorbing and ingesting the sonic beauty of timeless classics.  We also have a responsibility to pass these songs on to others.  Passing The Baton Musically is going to be a requirement if we want music to change for the better and again become the soundtrack of our lives.  Whatever you listen to, watch, or read constantly, will eventually become ingrained in you.








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