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The new RED TAILS film has been directed by George Lucas.  But there is a unique think tank and technological creative space for filmmakers and Lucas employees.  The SKYWALKER Ranch was purchased by Lucas with earnings he obtained from the monumental success of the movie STAR WARS.  It certainly must be wonderful having a place that is a faraway from a commercial center like Hollywood where you can think freely and create at will.  George Lucas originally attended the USC School of Cinema & Television.  His first feature film was THX 1138.  The next feature film Lucas directed was American Graffiti which was in 1973.  The film that took George Lucas out of the earth’s atmosphere financially and literally was the history making, ionic start of the blockbuster type of film: STAR WARS.

It was STAR WARS that caused George Lucas to create the special effects company Industrial Light and Magic.  The rewards and profits from the all around, groundbreaking successful STAR WARS movie enabled George Lucas to create a film compound that houses 2 of Lucas companies: Lucas Film and SKYWALKER Sound.  SKYWALKER Ranch is located in Marin County, California which is about 40 minutes north of San Francisco.

SKYWALKER Sound was created by George Lucas to be a complete full service post production hub that filmmakers could use to put the final touches and polish on their film projects.  The State of the Art facilities at SKYWALKER Sound contain: 6 completely equipped mixing rooms, there are also several picture and sound editing rooms, and an impressive scoring stage.  SKYWALKER Sound has won 18 academy awards with many nominations for major motion picture films.  The aim of SKYWALKER Sound is to make the final vision of the filmmaker true to what the initial intent was.

Many filmmakers would just be happy to cash the checks from the films they have created.  George Lucas has taken things one step further by creating companies and technologies that have been at the forefront of changing and improving the film industry.  He has also created companies that provide world class services that do not depend on whether or not he has a movie ready to be consumed at the box office.  Here are some of the films that have received the final touch and polish at SKYWALKER Sound:


  • The Adventures of Tintin – Columbia Pictures
  • Cars 2 – Pixar
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Columbia Pictures
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Paramount Pictures
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Disney
  • Too Big To Fail – HBO Films
  • War Horse – Amblin Entertainment
  • IRON MAN 2 – Fairview Entertainment
  • RED TAILS – Lucasfilm
  • Toy Story 3 – Pixar
  • The Social Network – Columbia Pictures
  • Avatar – 20 Century Fox


On January 20, 2012 the George Lucas Film RED TAILS will be released.  This film continues Lucas’ high level of creative freedom through owning his own studio and production facility.  George Lucas has created history through making films and now has been making history through providing special effects, visual and sound editing for the major feature films released by several companies.  This shows us that we sometimes need to diversify our main core skills and parlay them into new channels that could be more fruitful and financially beneficial to us.  How could we strive for so much excellence in our passion that the path we tread becomes the standard in our field of endeavor?  Hopefully we can make for ourselves a personal creative space dedicated to the advancement of our personal path in life.  Whether it’s a table, a room, basement, garage, or closet, we have the ability to create a space where we are obligated to innovate for ourselves.  RED TAILS is the latest project in a long line of taking chances in creativity in order to break new ground.  SKYWALKER Ranch is the offspring of STAR WARS and the movie RED TAILS is its newest child.


See the link to the Post for the movie RED TAILS below:


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