Who Are They, To Predict Your Future?

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We have to be very careful of who we take our advice from.  Some individuals will tell you that you can’t achieve something, but have no real facts to back it up.  If your trusted circle of friends or associates is full of doubters, how can you move forward?  The words that are spoken into our ears can have such a negative impact on our thinking, that they can damage our inner vision.  If the people around us speak doubt and disbelief into our consciousness, that thought can become a seed that will eventually need to be uprooted.  We do not have to respect the prophecy of people who never see the end result as being completely victorious for us.  It takes the same energy to continuously see victory as it does to see failure and difficulty constantly.

If there are people around us who see life for us in a limited manner, we have a right to make sure their vision of us not succeeding in a great way, stays in their own brain and consciousness, not ours.  We have to protect our mind (subconscious) as if it was an unborn baby enclosed by a mothers womb.  We have to be the professional thought authority that should be able to think an unbroken stream of thought, without unnecessary outside interference and influences disturbing it.  Who are they to predict your future?  Thought is so powerful that it should be protected, and guarded with the heightened level of security surrounding a priceless jewel.  When it is not interfered with or hindered, thought is an instrument that can produce conditions based on its usage.  Protect it forever!  If we do not protect our thought a strange vision may in fact become our everyday reality, because we have accepted another persons opinion of what we can accomplish.  Since their thoughts are not written in stone, we do not have to accept them at all.






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