The New IPAD Continues the APPLE Magic!

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The New IPAD has now been revealed to the public.  The Retina Display takes images that were already crisp and moves them into the Super Clear realm.  The new Retina Display has 4 times more pixels than the IPAD 2.  The text, colors, and fluidity of moving images are now more rich and even more crystal clear.  Using the eye terminology “Retina Display” could mean that Apple is aiming at creating a visual experience comparable to what one sees through their own eyes naturally with no filters.  The New IPAD Retina Display has a resolution of: 2048 x 1536 with an amazing 3.1 million pixels, with the same 9.7 inch screen size as the IPAD 2.  The New IPAD has 4 times the number of pixels than the IPAD 2, and 1 million more pixels than your top of the line HDTV.  This brings the visual experience alive even more.  To achieve this new clarity APPLE has somehow separated the pixels from the signals sent through them.  This is the first time this has ever been done, and is a breakthrough development from APPLE.

The New IPAD has an A5X Chip with Quad Core Graphics which helps to display 4 times the pixels of the IPAD 2.  This all occurs while the New IPAD displays its images with the industry leading clarity and life-like image reproduction of the earlier IPAD 2.  The New IPAD stills gets 10 hours of battery life.

The New IPAD features the New 5-Mega Pixel Camera.  This camera has advanced features and 1080p HD video capabilities.  The New 5-Mega Pixel Camera has a backside illumination sensor which allows the New IPAD to take great pictures even with limited light.  The camera has the following features: Auto Focus, Tap to Focus, and Tap to Set Exposure functions.  The camera also comes with a built in Face Detection function that can correct focus and balance for up to 10 faces across.  The New IPAD even has a Hybrid Infared Filter that keeps out IR light to create clear crisp photos.

The New IPAD operates via wireless signal with 4G LTE capability for world wide internet wireless connectivity.  The New IPAD has a new typing feature which is called DICTATION.  DICTATION allows the user to compose an email, send a text, or write a note.  The user can just Tap the Microphone Icon on the keyboard and say what they want to convey, as the New IPAD interprets.  Tap DONE and what you spoke is displayed on the New IPAD display.  With the use of an APP, DICTATION will allow you to update your FACEBOOK status and compose or share a tweet on TWITTER.

The New IPAD has now been released and continues to be way ahead of the pack, in terms of the current tablets on the market.  Many will be confused as to why the SIRI APP is not included on the New IPAD.  It will more than likely be on the next IPAD.  Since the screen is the life blood of manipulating, using, and viewing the New IPAD, enhancing it and making it have a higher degree of clarity and quality makes sense.  That is where the user will spend most of their time: downloading APPS, playing games, searching online and even viewing movies.  The improvements made to the New IPAD make an iconic product a more technologically advanced industry leader.






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