We Need To Take Some Time To Reflect!

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Today many of us are so occupied with various activities that time seems to be working against us.  We have so many responsibilities that almost seem to plague our existence.  What is an important mental activity we could add to our daily grind that would create a bit of balance in the hectic schedules we maintain?  We need to take some time to reflect.  How often do we take time to think back on how we have been living our lives?  What would we change?  There have to be some things that we would fine tune or even alter a bit.  Sometimes it is the subtle shifts that will make the biggest differences in the outcomes we are looking for.  It only takes slight adjustments to keep a car straight within the dotted lines as it is moving down the highway.

We need to take some time to reflect, so that we don’t keep repeating the same mistakes without changing course.  There is a way out of the pain, and troubled times in our lives.  The answers only come through in the time we take to be quiet and reflect.  There really isn’t a way to reflect when we are constantly running and not making any real progress.  It is like being on a treadmill.  You are running as fast as you can, but in reality standing still mentally.

Taking some time to reflect will allow us to make real progress because controlled observation requires that we focus.  If our time in reflection is right, the magical gift of intuition will gently spring forth through our consciousness.  Our time in reflection can reward us with a brilliant thought that could change the very course of our lives.

Taking the time to reflect is our right.  We have everything to gain when we take the time to disturb and break up our routine in order to move forward.  Our routine is usually where many of our problems exist.  We only understand this when we take the time to analyze this routine to see what is actually working.  Reflection is the tool which gives perspective to us when our thinking becomes a bit narrow in its scope.  Reflection can help to broaden, expand and help guide us out of our problems.  We will have problems, we just need to confront them with a great measure of reflection, reinforced with strategic action.  We reflect in the present moment to make our future life more rewarding.




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