The Beat Goes On Forever!

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Nothing can stop the creation of good music.  Radio stations (at this point) will not create the renaissance in music that people are waiting for.  The best music that will ever be created is waiting to be received by current and future composers.  If the antenna (mind) can tap into the signal and freely receive it, the idea can spring forth.  The beat goes on forever because the music really does not get stagnant.  It is the lack of mental receivers that can tap into the signal trying to reach them constantly.  The music is waiting for a composer to translate the signal into reality.

The beat goes on forever because there are rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that are yet to be discovered.  No matter how many songs are dumped online weekly, there are timeless eternal classics to come forth that will change the course of music history.  To think that the quality of music will remain in an eternal slump is ridiculous.

I believe that it does not matter how much technology is imposed on the composer of today.  If your heart and mind is sincere, you will be able to translate the feeling of great music to the consumer.  The charisma of the musician can be translated to the listening audience even through the use of digital equipment and synthesizers.  Nothing can stop music that comes from a dramatic, sincere, heartfelt and emotional place.  If the music can send an emotional spark to the inner heart and make you actually and literally feel something, it cannot be stopped.

The beat goes on forever when the magic of song creation is duplicated continuously from a sincere place.  When a song reaches out and touches the soul and feelings very deeply it will not soon be forgotten.  The beat goes on forever because we can feel mentally ecstatic when a song touches us beyond our ability to control our feelings about it.  The songs that are “forever” hits touch us beyond time and space.  The greatest songs are blessings from a divine place delivered through the human being.  There needs to be a rebirth in music and the time for it is now.  The composers who are going to make sure the beat goes on forever, will be the receivers of the musical signals that will spark a musical revolution online through your Smartphone, Tablet and Ipod.  We will have to spread the word when we hear great music like this because the days of waiting for radio to play it are over.  We the listening public have the power to support and determine which songs will reign in the future. We will have to sift through the filler and reward the musical jewels we find by sharing them with no shame to all.







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