How To Stay Centered!

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How can you be centered if your focus is always external.  Especially if your focus is on all of the scenes that pass before your eyes on a daily and momentary basis.  If the energy and frequency of the people, places, things and events on the external we focus on are negative, that is what we will become.  Whatever we are fascinated with or pay attention to intensely is what we will become.  The sounds and images that enter into our eyes and ears through repetition end up traveling to our innermost being.  An individual will never be centered if their main focus is on external events.

In a society where we are literally taught to grasp and seek most things that are external, it is difficult to imagine being centered within.  To be centered means that one should have a measure of inner peace and be focused within.  Positive, powerful words positioned in the present moment can take a persons consciousness and center it within.  The proper use of Words and Thoughts is the best kept secret on the planet.  Words have the power to completely shape the mind and the subconscious reality of the human being.  Words that are positive and crafted properly can shape the frequency of the human body.  Whatever words we ingest by repetition end up becoming the events we will eventually encounter.  Words enter our mind and consciousness from the outside and can shape and center the mind and consciousness on the inside.  The proper use of Words is a powerful way to stay centered.

There is another phenomenal way to center your mind that has been in existence for thousands of years.  From Egypt, India, China and around the Planet it has been the most consistent way to center the mind and connect to your inner divinity.  The best way to stay centered has been closely associated with Yoga and is an integral part of all true Martial Art practices.  Meditation is a proven way to center your mind and consciousness.  Meditation is a path to inner peace.  Here are some of the positive benefits of Meditation as presented in the book “Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra:


  • “Meditation has been part of the spiritual tradition of almost every culture.  My own experiences come from the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation”
  • “There are a number of scientific studies that show the beneficial effects of Meditating.  Blood pressure comes down.  Stress is alleviated.  Basal metabolic rate goes down.  Insomnia, anxiety, and a number of psychosomatic disorders are relieved and disappear.  More over there is increased brainwave coherence, which also improves attention span, creativity, learning ability and memory retrieval.  Also the effects of Meditation last into our daily activity and soon our activity becomes saturated and influenced by the qualities of the unified field.”


All of the qualities and effects that meditation produces are how an individual can get centered.  Do the research for yourself.  Always go with the information that is quality and easy to understand at the same time.  Complicated texts only slow down the learning process.  If the practice of meditation resonates with you, begin to try it.  I have seen its results firsthand.  The answer to, How To Stay Centered is right within us.  There are so many studies which hail the mental and health benefits of meditation.  As you do the research in how to actually meditate for yourself you will see firsthand, how to stay centered.  It may just be your time to be centered and at peace.






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