Duplicate Your Past Greatness!

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Everyone has had a moment in their lives when they have been completely “on fire” in a positive way.  We have all seen moments where we have been in the zone, carefree, joyous, happy and freely attracting the best that life has to offer.  All of this was done with effortless ease.  Why? As I said before, we were completely “on fire”.  Somehow, some way we found the frequency, the mind state, and the energy for success.  The interesting thing is that many times this was done without instruction.  We were just being our best selves and doing it repeatedly without thinking.  We were using the “force”.  We were in the zone completely.  This was a natural expression coming from within you.  If you can remember your time of excellence, why not Duplicate Your Past Greatness.

Remember exactly what it felt like to be “on fire”, in the zone, completely intuitive, making successful moves in an effortless manner.  Were you dressed in a different way?  Were you reading certain books?  Were you laughing more, carefree, listening to certain songs?  Try to remember all of the facts that have contributed to your success.  Even the body language you had at the time was a contributing factor to your success.  Remember them and duplicate the keys to success for yourself in the HERE and NOW.  All of the keys are already within you.

The real key for us, is to remember the times in our lives when we were fearless, focused, and success orientated without trying very hard for it.  This means that in addition to studying we have had moments where our innate, on board success came to the forefront and aided us greatly.  The success we been looking for on the outside has already been wrapped up with a bow on the inside of our heart and minds.  A leap forward for us may mean a journey backwards and inward to tap into a resource that has been with us always.  Imagine if we repeat the past ingredients we have used for success in the past and do it consistently now.  It is our duty to try and create new habits and add them to our arsenal of success actions.  We need to look back at times that were special and see the method and mindset that we were unconsciously using.  We have a right to make and repeat history for ourselves.  Duplicate Your Past Greatness Now!



















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