The Advantages Of Computer Technology Today!

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The age we are living in is the best time to acquire knowledge.  The advantages of computer technology today are almost unlimited.  Some individuals only use the technology of computers and the internet to interact socially with friends and get up to date with the latest gossip.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there are other possible uses for computer technology, the web, and even cloud technology.  In order to grow it is sometimes necessary to assess where the mental weaknesses are within us.  There can be no more complaints about not being able to find or afford the information we need to take our life to the next level.  With the advent of technology and its many forms today the possibilities are endless.  Whatever a human being can think, can be brought forth magically at the touch of a finger.  This is not just a mystical idea.  The world is actually at our fingertips today, and it is up to us to take complete hold of it, and pursue our dreams.

Imagine all of the goals that we have buried in the past that are left to rot and die.  It is the opportune time to pick them up and manifest the one that counts the most for us now.  If you precisely enter the correct sequence of words into a search engine many glorious answers to your questions will come out on the other side.  The more fantastic and interesting your ideas are, the more powerful the results will be coming from the search engine.  Those individuals who complain about a lack of opportunity in life, especially as it pertains to education, training and overall self development have less of an excuse today.  A computer, tablet or smartphone can tap into a search engine to the limit of the creative and innovative ideas we punch into it.  The more words and phrases we have access to, will allow us to open doorways that are way beyond our finger tips.

Through the use of technology we now have no excuses as to why we cannot pursue our dreams.  Through the computer, tablet, smartphone and worldwide web we can reach out and touch our dreams in many ways.  Some of the ways we can do this are listed below:


  • We have the ability to network with business leaders from around the world through business social media sites like Linked In.
  • You can upload music you have created to internet radio stations and music file sharing sites and get feedback from users all over the planet.
  • You can look up almost any topic, show, documentary, or lecture on You Tube and find reputable information on any topic you can think of or spell.
  • You as the user can reconnect with classmates from public school, junior high, high school and even college via social networking sites.  We take these things for granted, but this was not possible 25 years ago.  All of us can create an audience and freely use our freedom of speech to share information, quotes or some news item we have just caught wind of.
  • We as the users of technology have the ability to take legitimate and credible online courses from the most mundane every day topics to the most complex, scientific coursework to expand our mental palette.
  • Computer users can plug a street address into a search engine and view how that physical address looks via satellite imaging from above the earth.
  • Any novice or professional can publish their written works on a site and promote that site with ads.  This can be done through the ever popular avenue of blogging.
  • You can even compare prices, blue book values, specs of used, new and older car, trucks or motorcycles.  You can even purchase these vehicles online.
  • Whether it is looking up ancient civilizations, new and old star configurations, the human genome, underwater sea life, diets for lowering cholesterol or even listening to some jazz by Duke Ellington in the 1930’s, the world is almost completely at your fingertips.

What many of us take for granted today was totally unheard of in the early 90’s.  The individuals who are going to create innovative revolutions in music, arts, science, medicine, and technology will have to use the most powerful medium we have today.  There is not a person who has a smartphone, or tablet who can complain about the lack of educational resources, information, knowledge or wisdom since most of it is online and can be printed at will.  Let us all dive into the internet via our choice of entry whether it be a smartphone, tablet etc., to find the jewels of wisdom to help us to take our lives to the next level and beyond.  There are no more excuses as to why any individual cannot get or take any information they need to change their lives and the world around them.  The Advantages Of Computer Technology Today are literally limitless.



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