What If Our Miracle Is Just Around The Corner?

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There has to be a complete answer to every question.  If in our life it seems like miracles never come when we need them, we should rethink this sentiment.  If we think that a miracle or answer to our current need will never happen we may not even notice it if it were right in front of us.

One of the biggest problems I have had in my life is recognizing that miracles may have to come through my association with and through certain people.  They will not drop out of the sky.  Certain steps of massive action will have to be made on my part to ensure I leave no ground uncovered in my quest for success.  Networking and using more intuition (the still small voice) will have to be a bigger part of our daily personal arsenal.  I cannot keep doing the same things and expect a miracle in my life.  Usually the biggest changes we have to make are within us.  This is much easier said than done.

As we are going about our daily routines we can be fixated on the people, places, and things on the external that we feel need to change.  There may be people that may rub us the wrong way and throw our entire day out of sync with where it needs to be.  For a miracle or a completely different set of events to come across our pathway, our personal frequency has to change to make that happen.  There is a very popular saying which states that “birds of a feather, flock together”.  If we want to have miracles or any spectacular events to be drawn to us, we have to be in tune with the frequency these people, events and conditions vibrate on.  We cannot remain the same and expect monumental, miraculous change to flow through our lives.  We must do what it takes to be filled with the frequency (deep inner feeling) of success, so that other people “of that feather” will naturally be drawn to us.  We cannot get something for nothing.

As we change we have to be open to the new opportunities that will be begin to emerge in our lives.  Our great opportunity may come in the form of a human being we would least expect having a life altering blessing for us.  A miracle may come through an individual we may have previously underestimated.  Being what we may consider beautiful or handsome does not guarantee that an individual has intelligence or wisdom.  We cannot be fooled by outer appearances.

If we make changes in ourselves we could be much more alert to a miracle opportunity if it is presented to us.  A positive string of words can absolutely change our frequency.  Words contain as much power as a bomb would, when they are presented to our mind in a repetitious manner.  We change our frequency by letting the proper positive words pass before our eyelids.  Especially when these words (by repetition) become part of our inner being and are planted within the soil of our subconscious mind(heart).  This is when our frequency changes.  When this happens even the type of people that are naturally drawn to us will begin to change as we do the continuous inner work.  The miracle will be right around the corner because we did not try to change people, places and things.  We took the initiative to change ourselves and the miracle that seemed like it was far off eventually came directly to us.  We may not necessarily have to acquire more patience.  Being a patient person that does not make the energy shift to change themselves, could end up waiting a lifetime for something that could be right around the corner.  Patience and changing our thought process by (repetition) may help us recognize and grasp a miracle opportunity when we are faced with it.





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