Are You A Game Changer or A Follower?

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We are sometimes pushed at a young age to follow a field of endeavor that will make us money.  We can be told to go to school to find a career that will pay us a certain amount yearly.  I even remember years ago in high school almost all of our careers (majors) were chosen based on how much money we would be making in the future.  There was even a book with college majors and how much those who acquired certain specific degrees, would make per year.  None of us as students were told to follow that we would be most passionate about.  We were never told to go into a field of endeavor that we loved and could make good money off of as a career.  We are basically trained to be followers and not game changers.  Are You A Game Changer or A Follower?

We are sometimes fed all of the statistics and trends about would could be the most wise career choice.  Our friends and family tell us what they would like to see us doing.  Others try to recommend neatly packaged career choices based on what they think would be admirable in their eyes personally.  We can take their advice into consideration, but when we look at our lives wouldn’t we want to excel in such a great way that we become game changers in our field of endeavor.  What would be necessary for us to go beyond being a follower and graduating to the level of game changing activity.  To bring this idea to complete fruition will require actions that speak much louder than words.  A game changer would be the individual that is so successful, or innovative and ground breaking that their way of executing their talent or business strategy that it becomes the new standard upon which success is measured.  Being a game changer would require pulling the best out of ourselves in a way we have never done before.  The idea of wanting to be a game changer would require we think, see and feel concepts, and emotions that would be infused with the atomic particles of success only.  Failure could not be an option or even a slight after thought.  Our game changer mind state would have to be focused  like a laser on the final outcome.  It seems like it would be difficult, but the benefit obviously outweighs the mental discipline necessary to manifest the mind state.  Just striving to be a game changer would elevate our actions above the common human daily movements we make.  That is really what we are striving for, the ability to create something so astounding that we become a game changer in that others end up imitating our moves in order to be relevant.  A follower will be able to imitate and not create something that is truly unique.

A game changer may have to trust their instincts at a deep level to where they have to learn to rely on that inner voice and vision.  Game changers receive their creative ideas from that inner unseen realm.  Average “in the box” ideas do not have the power to change a mediocre existence into brilliant living art work.  A game changer will have to have ideas that are of the highest order.  Those ideas may seem strange to the average person because they are “out of the box” and must be sought after vigorously.  If you don’t seek creative ideas they won’t come to you.  Our minds are similar to antennas and we do not own the thoughts that come to us.  We receive thoughts that vibrate as we do.  Game changers understand that life is a precious gift, and nothing is promised, so the time is at hand to evolve out of being a follower.  We have to apply the game changer mentality to our chosen pastimes or destiny.  As we apply the philosophy of making our purpose in life so powerful that it transforms our chosen path into one others tread upon after we leave our initial footsteps.  With this being said as the rest of our life is unfolding daily the question still remains for us to answer: Are You A Game Changer or A Follower?  The choice is ours!




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