Dissolve The Mental Baggage You Are Carrying!

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All of us have some kind of mental baggage that we are carrying within us.  There is always a mental frequency that we could tweak a bit to lighten our walk.  Unresolved thoughts that do not serve us in a positive manner will continue to transmit their signal unless we change them.  If not those thoughts can become like a mental baggage  we are constantly carrying.  Thoughts that are somewhat negative are completely uninspiring, heavy and can even effect our posture, outlook and constant facial expression.  Positive thoughts are elevating, uplifting and have the same tendency to affect our posture, outlook and facial expressions.  The thoughts we transmit will determine the quality of people we attract into our lives.  The problem is on the inside constantly spraying outwardly.  Dissolve the mental baggage you are carrying!

Sometimes we wonder why it feels as though we are mentally carrying a burden.  Thoughts that are low in frequency can be so heavy that an individual wearing those types of thoughts can change the atmosphere of an entire room.  Go into your memory banks and think of the individuals who’s energy literally rubs your entire body in the wrong way.  This shows us the power of the thought that lives within a human being and the effect it can have on its surroundings.  It really is a requirement that we transform the quality of the thought to its opposite (positive pole) which would be of a higher frequency.  This would prevent the thoughts and memories we think from being like actual baggage that slows down our every word, thought, deed and action.  Dissolve the mental baggage you are carrying!

The solutions to some of our most complex problems can many times end up being very simple.  Those solutions have to be applied persistently and consistently.  The thoughts that we have that act as baggage all have a polar opposite.  This is very key.  Every thought has an opposite that is extremely positive in comparison to the ones that weigh heavily over our lives.  After identifying that thought we don’t need we must find a string of words (thoughts) that articulate the exact opposite of that thought and repeat it until it is ingrained within us (subconsciously).  It has to become so engrained in us until it becomes a part of the cells of our bodies beyond the mind.  Only then will the baggage we carry be lifted from our lives.  This will be done by the power of Repetition.

There is a law of polarity that indicates that every thought has a opposite pole.  For example: Hate has Love, Fear has Faith, Attachment has Detachment and many more.  We are only changing the polarity of the thought which in turn will change various things in our lives all at once.  To understand polarity much better we can compare the changing of a thought to the action of a thermometer.  Without hesitation the mercury in the thermometer rises and lowers as the temperature in the room changes.  This is a Law.  As we concentrate on the opposite of negative thoughts, the polarity must change but only through constant repetition.  Only then will our mental baggage lift.  The power is in our hands.  Dissolve the mental baggage you are carrying!


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