The New IPHONE 5: Features and Specs!

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Apple has now given away the goods on its newest version of the IPHONE.  The New IPHONE 5 is now much thinner and lighter.  In the process of making the IPHONE5 lighter and thinner APPLE had to invent new technologies to accompany its new dimensions.  APPLE has readjusted the technology in the IPHONE to fit in with the new class of smartphones currently on the market.

The new IPHONE 5 has a depth of 7.6 millimeters.  In order to make the IPHONE that thin, all of the inner components had to be redesigned.  Apple had to create a Sim Card which is 44% smaller than the original Micro Sim Card.  The new card is called a NANO Sim Card.  Most smartphone platforms use 1 chip for voice and 1 chip for data.  The IPHONE 5 uses only 1 chip for Voice and Data.  The IPHONE I-sight camera now has new features which include panorama and dynamic low light modes.  The new IPHONE 5 is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the current IPHONE 4S.  The new IPHONE 5 has a new A6 Chip that is 22% smaller than the previous A5 Chip, yet it is 2x faster.

Aesthetically speaking the IPHONE 5 has been put together with the attention to detail of a Swiss timepiece.  There is a much higher level of fit and finish placed onto the IPHONE 5’s exterior Aluminum and Glass body.  The I-Sight camera lens seems like it is made of glass but it is actually made out of sapphire crystal.

The new IPHONE 5 now comes with a 4 inch Retina Display.  There are 18% percent more pixels than on the IPHONE 4S.  The total resolution on the IPHONE 5 is 1136 x 640.  The color saturation is 44% greater than on the 4S.  This all makes for a more life like and crystal clear viewing experience.  With the Retina Display you are able to watch widescreen video in the HD format with full screen size.  The IPHONE 5 is also 9 millimeters taller than the IPHONE 4S, yet it is the same width.  You will still be able to conveniently type with one hand.

As stated earlier the IPHONE 5 has a new A6 Chip which processes data twice the speed as the previous IPHONE 4S.  This A6 Chip also speeds up the graphics performance regardless of the Apps or games you are using.  The A6 Chip is not only faster but very efficient when it comes to saving valuable battery power.  The battery life of the IPHONE 5 is 8 hours on cellular calls and 10 hours on video play back time.

With the new IPHONE 5 you will no longer need Google maps.  Apple has now developed a new App called MAPS that comes loaded on your IPHONE 5.  It is an App that has been completely created by Apple.  MAPS provides: turn by turn spoken directions (navigation), and 3D views that are interactive.  You can also rotate or tilt your IPHONE 5 while viewing an area and the street names stay in tact so the user can easily read the data.

As you can see the new IPHONE 5 is chock full of technological advances with an absolute attention to detail.  It is obvious that with a careful study of how much more advanced and jewel-like the IPHONE 5 is in terms of technology and its innovative elegant construction, APPLE has passed the test.  They have been able to create a new class leading IPHONE 5 without Steve Jobs at the helm.  The new IPHONE 5 is thinner, faster, has a crisper clear picture, longer lasting battery, and a more powerful chip for faster processing times.  The future has been brought into the present moment through the new IPHONE 5.


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