The Value Of Wise Elders!

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Our society would have us believe that once a human being reaches a certain age they become more of a liability than an asset.  The elders of today are not seen as being an integral and important part of our existence.  There is an atmosphere in the world at large that sees our elders as disposable human beings who have seen their best days. The sad thing about this type of thinking is that it is an emotional crime is being passed on to a segment of society upon whose shoulders we stand.  Some of these elders have been married for more than 50 years and do not fight.  They could be examples for us, because they have lived the life and have gained much wisdom through their time on earth.  This shows us the value of interacting with wise elders.

If you have ever spent time around a wise elder you have experienced the effortless transfer of wisdom.  The wise elder can easily convey the most complex concepts with ease because they have been living these things for years.  If you have used a pearl of wisdom successfully for decades, you can speak with unquestionable authority.  Others are considered  experts because of the college degrees or positions they possess.  They don’t necessarily have years of experience and a deep understanding that goes farther than mere book knowledge.  A wise elder has knowledge that has been allowed to age and become perfect fine (mental) wine.  They understand through their time on earth that life comes in cycles and have lived through many of their own ups and downs.  Where you and I may get stuck in a valley or peak, the wise elders have learned that patience is the key to get through a negative or down cycle.  The wise elders have lived and survived through several cycles to where faith and patience were the powerful tools that helped them survive through hard times.

Our society needs to re-imagine the concept of what it means to be an older citizen in the world today.  There needs to be a campaign to honor and respect the stage of life that we will all eventually evolve to.  There is a blind acceptance of unproved expertise wrapped in a fancy, slick talking, over confident package, that does not necessarily contain any proven results.  The wise elders have so many jewels and diamonds that could be sprayed forth to the minds of those who are receptive, yet society wants to put them out to pasture.  The word wise is used to describe an elder who is actually qualified to give quality counsel to an individual.  If there is no wisdom within an elders mind they will not be able to transmit knowledge capable of transforming life.  Wisdom, knowledge and information are the key factors upon which the transmission of information rest.

Many of the answers to societies problems sit within the soul and mind of a wise elder somewhere.  There are wise elders who have had decades upon decades of proven success in many aspects of their lives who have information to bless us with.  At the other end of the spectrum is a society that only glorifies youth and not proven wisdom.

I have learned much more from the wise elders who have helped to shape my mind than I did from peers my age.  When I needed undeniable truth to get me through various hurdles in my life, I needed information that was beyond question.  In those times I had to rely upon the unmatched counsel of those wise elders who were placed in my life.  We should learn to respect elders much more than we actually do.  They are the living books and holders of wisdom we will need to transform our existence.  The wise elder is a fountain of knowledge, wisdom and powerful information that will help us to be the best we can be.  They should not be belittled, overlooked, and treated like second class citizens when they are our connection to the history of the past.  The answers we are looking for may be right under our noses, not in the hands of some untouchable superstar or expert.  The wise elder is truly the superstar who deserves much more respect than they are given.  We now stand on their shoulders, as the generation of tomorrow will stand on ours.

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