Hurricane Sandy Sparks Appreciation!

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The power was out in my home for 6 days during Hurricane Sandy.  There was no hot water in which to take a shower, and food had to be thrown away because of a lack of electricity.  In the tri-state area of New York, (which includes New Jersey, Connecticut), Hurricane Sandy sent devastation along its path.  People have lost homes, businesses, property, vehicles and have even lost their lives in the wake of this storm.  There were unprecedented winds, tides, waves which in turn uprooted an almost countless number of trees.  Gasoline has become difficult to obtain and individuals are waiting on lines for hours at a time to fill their vehicles tanks.  This is all due to power outages that came in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and its onward march through the area.

But through all of these mental, physical,  and spiritual hardships it has forced me to greatly appreciate some of the things I have somewhat taken for granted.  There are places on this earth in which having no electrical power, impure water, limited resources, inefficient clothing and shelter are an every day experience.  I realized after the lights went out due to Hurricane Sandy that I unknowingly have taken some things for granted.  It is the first time in my life I have lived without electricity and hot water for this length of time.  My level of appreciation has risen through “the roof” for the comforts of life that have become a natural part of my daily existence.  But when you are forced to live without, it requires a higher measure of faith, and patience to remain optimistic under trying conditions.  I realize how good many of us have it and do not fully realize it.  There are many homeless people in the United States and in other countries that suffer due to a lack of resources on a daily basis.  I realize that a higher level of appreciation has been generated in me, due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  It is really true that you do not realize what you have, until it is taken from you.  When electricity and hot water is snatched from your life, you realize with pure clarity how important, and necessary these things are for your survival.

Natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy also remind us that we are mortal and will not live forever.  We are also reminded that we need to enjoy life while it is flowing through us.  We can sometimes get stuck in an “auto pilot” state of mind,  not fully realizing how important and precious our lives really are.  When you are forced to live without the basics for awhile, and your normal life is returned to you, it comes back with a fresh, vibrant color, and tone.  The appreciation you have for these things is increased and recognized fully.  Life also has deeper meaning and feels a bit more sacred afterwards.  Unexpected change can sometimes turn the daily routines we take for granted into special timeless moments.  The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has sparked more appreciation in my heart.




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