Remind Yourself Of Who You Really Are!

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A friend of mine says that sometimes you have to remind yourself of who you really are.  He would say that sometimes you have to look back at your past accomplishments to remind yourself of the greatness that has flowed through your temple.  Current circumstances can sometimes can sometimes cloud your mind and make you forget that you have excelled far beyond being average in the past.  This reminder can rekindle the dim flame, make it brighter and spur you on to duplicate or surpass who you were.  We may have to pull out a scrapbook, a certificate, a product you made, or even pictures that represent a time period in which you were the happiest, successful or when circumstances were in sync for you.  That reminder can be all it takes to rekindle and spark the flame within so you can fully acknowledge the truth of who you are.  Remind yourself of who you really are!

The present moment is sometimes filled with so many toxic events, people, and places that those things fill our minds and masquerade as memories when they are only daily occurrences that should not in any way define who you are.  You should define who your are from head to toe!  We need to remind ourselves as often as possible so that we understand we are much greater than the external persona we project to the world on a daily basis.  We may even subconsciously pick up the thoughts and opinions of others which are absolutely irrelevant because they are not facts.  Outside observers cannot skillfully and objectively read the pages of your heart and make quick judgements on your maximum potential.  Only you and I can determine that.  It is up to us to shape, mold and fashion our character into what it will eventually be.  We do this silently by what we read, study, observe and allow to be absorbed into our minds and eventually into our subconscious hearts.  By doing this silently, the seeds we plant as reminders wild become strong trees that cannot be disturbed by storms.  Remind Yourself Of Who You Really Are!

So lets look back, from time to time so that we can refresh our mental database with information that will inspire our actions.  A reminder of who we were at our best may be all that is necessary to go from having an average life experience to expressing a higher level of excellence in our daily activities.  The act of living and daily routines can make us forget who we are.  We can end up selling ourselves short because of habit.  Let’s go beyond habit and remind yourself of who you really are!





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