Copying Others Ideas Will Not Lead To Success!

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It is very easy to fix your mind so that it will focused on following trends, fads, and what is most popular.  Many times there is a deliberate intention for the business person to copy the ideas of another and fashion them as his own.  There is nothing wrong with being inspired by the perfection, beauty and originality of the true artists or professionals work.  The wholesale copying of the work of another and slapping your name on it is stealing and the originator deserves the credit.  It sometimes seems like we are encouraging a generation of ideological thieves who only obtain monetary gain by completely imitating the works of the blessed creative beings who bring their works to our planet earth.  I say the word encourage because money is sometimes being granted to the imitators and not the originators who seem to be buried by the works of human copy machines.  Copying others ideas will not lead to success.

Will the true creative visionary ever be free of human copy machines whose complete survival depends on imitating the works of others?  For a period of time you may become successful copying others and their works, but it won’t last too long.  When the works you are copying are of the highest caliber, it will be difficult to consistently imitate that kind of creative work.  When an individual is a true innovator and creative visionary, imitating them can never happen consistently because of the unique quality of their work.  The works of the masters are as unique and different as a fingerprint.  The one who copies and imitates the works of another does not realize that they will have to maintain the quality of their imitation.  When they slip and cannot reproduce the level of the imitated work, they will be seen as a one hit wonder.  They will realize that: copying others ideas will not lead to success.

There needs to be respect for the pure ideas, talent and inspiration that blossom from the depths of the soul into the realm of the mind where it is fashioned and released into the world.  Creativity is a gift given to the receptive mind.  That gift will not be given to the mind whose only compulsion is to copy the ideas of the creative soul.  The individual with the copycat state of mind will eventually be blocked from producing any creativity at all.  Their problem is that they are always looking externally for inspiration not within themselves.  Many of the movies, television shows and music being presented to us today lack a higher level of creativity.  Could this be because the so called creators are constantly looking to the external for their creative juices to flow?  Imitation and the use of formulas will never produce the awe inspiring, original, masterpieces or works of art that will inspire future generations with their timeless originality.  This is what we should strive for, limitless success, not imitation.  Copying others will not lead to success!  Works of art and creation that are original will inspire our hearts for years to come.





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