Recharge Your Batteries To Grow!

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You sometimes have to take a break to look at things with fresh eyes.  To constantly grind at your work without taking a break can cause an individual to not work at their highest levels consistently.  I am sure we have all had times in our lives in which the only way for us to move forward was to recharge our batteries.  I don’t care how pressured an individual is, we all need to rest our minds, and bodies.  We need to be refreshed and restored so that we can create and move through our lives more freely.  Recharging our batteries on a regular basis could be the difference between success or failure for us.  We need to be able to step back and look at our daily moves with a relaxed, refocused mind that sees events with crystal clear clarity.  Recharge your batteries to grow.


I have noticed that it is so easy to get caught up in rushing through our own daily rat race.  We rush about blindly not realizing that we don’t always have to live our lives running at top speed.  If we do that continously we will eventually come to a point where we will burnout.  It is better to slow down and miss some of the items on our personal agenda until we feel rejuvenated and restored.  The act of being still and relaxing will do more for our progress than running at 100 mph going no-where.  More progress can be made when we are relaxed and not feeling forced to make a deadline that is not a matter of life and death.  It is in our power to arrange our lives so that the time we spend serves and honors us and not just everyone else.  We are free to slowly and carefully control the time we have to make our lives into a gift that helps us reach our highest possible heights.  We may wait a lifetime and a half for others to act in a way that serves our best interest.  You can never recapture time that has been wasted or lost.  One of the best ways to get back in touch with time is to recharge your batteries to grow.

I have not placed a new blog post due to these exact factors.  I needed to recharge, think and envision life from a more relaxed frame of mind.  So to all of our loyal readers who have been wondering about why there have not been any new blog posts, I have been recharging by mental batteries.  I have also been thinking about how the blog can be improved over time.  Every television show, reality, scripted, or documentary style has a planned vacation or hiatus in which all of the individuals involved can plan and record the next season.  There is nothing in existence that will run and last perpetually.  We are not machines that will last forever.  We have the Supreme Right to recharge our batteries to grow so that we can rise to higher heights without any signs of burnout.  We have the right to make sure that we operate with all of our bodily cylinders finely tuned so that we can run our mental engine with the highest level of efficiency possible.  Recharge your batteries to grow!

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