I Think From The Passing Lane!

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I don’t necessarily want to get caught up in the middle lane traffic of life.  There is a chance that you could get caught up with a crowd that might not reach their destination in a timely manner or not at all.  Who wants to get caught up following vehicles that are accustomed to driving at a certain speed and staying in the same lane.  It is sometimes easy to get comfortable and roll with the crowd, move at their speed, & think from the perspective and conditions of the middle lane.  If we choose to keep following a set group of human vehicles, our entire destiny will be wrapped up with their desires, conversations and travel speeds.  We have now embraced the limitations of the middle lane.  It is time to change to the passing lane.

It is now time for me to fall back from following the human vehicles stuck in the middle lane of life.  I now apply pressure to the accelerater and switch to the passing lane.  I am looking for the freedom of expression, and creativity that exists when I move away from following the crowd stuck in the middle lane.  As I move ahead in the passing lane, I am alert to opportunities because I am free to see them for what they are.  I can focus more easily because I don’t have to listen to irrelevant chatter that comes with following the crowd in the middle lane.  I can strategize & visualize easier with less distractions and the unsolicited opinions of those who do not fully understand my journey.  Those individuals stuck in the middle lane sometimes only judge your worthiness based on how well you can maintain following their antiquated ways for the rest of your life.  The middle laners really don’t care if you waste the rest of your life not pursuing any of your goals and dreams.  Your job is to follow without questioning at all.  Regardless, I think from the passing lane!

We all deserve the right to get in our own passing lane so that we don’t get caught up in a reality that could stifle our growth.  That middle lane can be a comfortable and secure place that offers few obstacles.  I think that sacrificing the secure middle lane is necessary for us to move ahead of the pack.  As we accelerate we can get a better visual picture of the terrain we are dealing with.  Even though we have switched to the passing lane, we can still slow down and bring those who we feel are suitable with us from the middle lane.  The passing lane gives us the ability to make choices while moving forward to a destiny that better suits our talents, mindstate and ever expanding vision.  I think from the passing lane!


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