Who Is Truly Your Friend?

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Many of us really think we have true friends.  We feel that because someone has been in our lives for an extended period of time, they are officially our friends.  What kind of criteria did we use to justify their existence as friends in our lives?  There has to be a reason more than “Time” to justify a person as being a true bonafide friend.  Friendship is a position that an individual should take as being sacred.  Are our friends truly in our corner or are they hoping for our eventual downfall.  There are sometimes subtle events that show that individuals we call friends do not have our back at all.  The events that can cause us to question the validity of our current friendships come in the form of: suspicious body language, the absence of support, and signs of envy or jealousy.  These actions exist because we value the friendship more than paying attention to the important signs we choose to ignore.  Who is truly your friend?

Friends don’t have to be perfect or blemish free, but a sense of loyalty should be a part of the bond you share with them.  A person who is truly your friend should want the absolute best for you.  You shouldn’t have the feeling that they are working against you.  We shouldn’t feel that our friends don’t want to see us succeed.  In order to attract true friends we have to possess a sincere thought process.  What we ARE flows effortlessly to us.  We don’t have to try to hard for it happen, because like minds tend to easily congregate amongst one another.  Even though we may attract certain people to us, we can choose to delete them from our lives if they tend to hinder us from accomplishing our best.  As we refine and redefine our concept of who our friends really are, changes may have to be made in our circle.

We should be on a search for the living example of true friendship in our lives.  The wrong friends with enough power to administer advice in our lives could point us in the wrong direction.  Our true friends give us advice that is true and right for us and not just for them.  A friend does not just occupy time and space in our lives, we are actually better for knowing them.  Our lives are lifted by the good will they bring to us.  A true friend does not have to be perfect in order to have a powerful impact on our lives.  Their presence is still felt after they leave our physical environment.  We do not need individuals who leave our lives with the vibration of dead space and confusion.

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