The Tesla Model S: Our Automotive Future!

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With all of the controversy being raised by the dependence of the world on oil, a solution is needed.  The environment is being adversely affected by the polluted emissions spread by gasoline powered engines daily.  The prices of gasoline are steadily rising with no end in sight.  Many car companies are presenting their version of a non gasoline, electric automobile.  The Tesla Motor Corporation has created an automobile that has impressed the likes of: Consumer Reports, Motor Trend, Automobile, Yahoo!, The New York Times, Wired, and Edmunds.  Consumer Reports has went so far as to say that The Tesla Model S is “the best car it has ever tested.  The Model S, an all electric plug in car, earned a scored of 99 out of a possible 100” in its magazines tests.

The Tesla Model S boasts advanced technology and high performance handling with a non gasoline electric engine.  The distribution of weight for the solid body structure of the car is 50/50.  The Tesla Model S has the ride characteristics of a world class sports car and the finest luxury sedan at the same time.  The Tesla Model S does not have the usual combustion engine with its numerous parts and various vibrations.  The Model S only has one piece that moves.  The only piece that moves on The Tesla  Model S is the Custom Designed Rotor.  Without the additional moving parts and vibrations, acceleration happens instantaneously.  The Tesla Model S moves swiftly from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds without burning an ounce of gasoline.  The top speed for this car is 125 miles per hour.  Since the Model S does not have to bear the weight of an engine, this allows for optimal handling and passenger comfort.  The Tesla Model S has an Active Air Suspension which actually lowers the car to increase its aerodynamic flow through the wind and prolongs its range.  By using  the touchscreen in the center of the dash you can raise or lower the Model S based on the weather conditions you encounter.

The Tesla Model S comes with 3 battery options.  The batteries use automotive grade lithium ion cells.  They include: 60 KWH, 85 KWH, and 85 KWH – Performance types.  The Model S comes with a 10 KWH single charger,  a mobile connector with adapters for 110 volt outlets & 240 volt outlets.  The car also comes with a public charging station adapter.  The Tesla Motors Corporation recommends that car owners charge from a 240 volt outlet because it provides more power and will charge the car much quicker.

The Tesla Model S has been designed and was created in California and about 20,000 cars are being created yearly.  The Model S is a rear wheel drive vehicle, does not use gasoline,and can operate in both hot and cold climates.  The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds.  The Model S is equipped with 8 airbags.  The Tesla Model S gives us an idea of what our automotive future will look like: A smooth, quiet, reliable, sporty car that is green and rechargeable.  These are the type of cars that will eventually replace our need for the use of gasoline and pollution in our environment.  I actually went to a Tesla showroom and saw this car up close.  The car is absolutely stunning and unique.  As good as the car actually looks, there is much technology and performance to back it up.  The car can go 300 miles on a single charge and has been engineered to have the highest crash safety ratings.  The Tesla Model S is a step into our future in the present moment.

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