Patience Is A Magnet!

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The things that we desire are just not happening fast enough for us.  We may sometimes feel and see others around us obtaining their desires, and we can get frustrated with the seemingly slow pace in which our goals are being accomplished.  So many of the disappointments we encounter in our mental world is tied to a level of impatience that is operating within us unchecked.  We look at the material items that others have, that we want and wish that we could have these things right now.  For some it is so unbearable to wait for the proper unfolding of their dreams.  I personally believe that many of the crimes that are committed in this world are done by individuals who have no patience for: hard work, study, vision, trials, and the very concept of time itself.  Patience Is A Magnet!

The mind state and vibration of impatience can bring our minds to a level in which it can only perceive what is lacking in our lives.  Imagine not being able to appreciate the great things we do possess.  We would start to look over our shoulders at others: items, homes, even relationships with a bit of jealousy.  An individual could get so frustrated with the lack of progress they are making in terms of achieving their goals, or acquiring the material items they want, that they would start to be envious of those who have what they want.  Patience Is A Magnet!

Impatience actually starts to work against us in a specific and particular way.  Impatience leaves us as a thought entity completely demagnetized.  The more impatience we possess the less magnetism we have at our disposal to draw the people, places and things we desire.  Impatience combined with frustration, jealousy, envy and desperation act as a complete repelling force.  As human beings we are either attracting or repelling the things that we desire.  Here are a few quotes from the esoteric writer Florence Scovel Shinn that relate to the power of thought and desire:  1. “In desiring without anxiety, we are catching up with the thing desired and the desire becomes crystallized on the external.”  2. “You are completely demagnetized when you desire something too intensely.  You worry, fear and agonize.”  3. “Your big opportunity and big success usually slide in, when you least expect it. You never saw a worried and anxious magnet.  It stands up straight and hasn’t a care in the world, because it knows the needles can’t help jumping to it.”

It is much easier to be impatient since that is the common vibe we are surrounded with in society, when in all reality patience is the higher thought force and a true magnet.  Impatience is actually the repelling force that pushes our good away from us.  Just remember all of the times in our lives when we have worried and have been impatient about anything and opportunities seemed to be moving away from us.  Patience is the calm, enduring, strong force which allows us to Be Still in the midst of any chaos that surrounds us.  Patience is a magnet because it is a mental anchor and a principle that never fails.  In other words its use, provides us with consistent results. Patience Is A Magnet!

Patience is the opposite of the thought forces that keep us desperate, hopeless, and looking at the things others have.  Patience allows us to not rush through time itself and helps us stay rooted in the present moment.  How wonderful would it be to strip away all of the anxieties, rushing, and desperate thought from our thinking and walk this earth patient and grateful for what we do have.  This is much easier said than done and something for us all to strive for.  To walk on this earth demagnetized and in want, is not what we should settle for.  Our thought forces are like the notes and keys of a piano being played into the tapestry of the universe.  Let us learn to play the melody of patience into the universe and see what kind of song echoes back to us through the blessed events in our lives.  Patience Is A Magnet!

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    Truly insightful article.

    I actually liked the way you compared patience and impatience. Really inspired me today. Thanks!

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