The Health Benefits Of Brown Rice!

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Whenever we go to a restaurant, have dinner at a family or friends house we are usually without a doubt served white rice.  At this point in time white rice is the dominant rice served in the food service industry regardless of the type of food we are being served.  Whether it is Grandma’s, Italian, Chinese, American or Caribbean cuisine, white rice is the first and only option of rice we are given.  I am not criticizing white rice but only sharing some information about brown rice and its seemingly hidden nutritional benefits.  The Health Benefits of Brown Rice!

White rice is really brown rice that has been bleached and the bran, and most of the germ within it has been removed.  This process reduces the fiber and nutrient content of the rice.  The brown rice is still further polished in order to completely remove the outer layer or hull.  The outer layer contains nutrient rich oils.  These oils have a tendency to make brown rice spoil much faster than white rice.  The processing that goes into stripping brown rice of its components, color and nutrients end up making white rice the more commercially viable option because of its longer shelf life.  This is the reason why it tends to be the first and only choice when a meal is being served at home or in a restaurant.  As you will see we do have options.  The Health Benefits Of Brown Rice!

When brown rice is untouched and in its unrefined form it is somewhat of a nutrient powerhouse.  With brown rice you get the following nutrients that are good for the proper functioning of our bodies:  manganese, magnesium, tryptophan, phosphorous and iron.  Manganese is great for the proper development and functioning of the nervous system, thyroid hormones, skeletal and reproductive systems.  Magnesium is good for relaxing nerves and releasing tensions.  It is also necessary for maintaining DNA and RNA (genetic material within the cells).  Selenium promotes normal body growth and fertility.  Tryptophan is an amino acid which is turned into Niacin (vitamin B3) by the liver.  Tryptophan also raises Serotonin levels which help relieve insomnia, depression and anxiety.  Phosphorous as a mineral nourishes the brain, enhances the intellect, and aids regular heartbeat and normal kidney function.  It also helps to build healthy bones and teeth.  Iron is important for the creating of red blood cells and actually enhances the quality of the blood.  These vitamins and mineral descriptions are from the Nutritional Awareness Guide by the Legion of Light.  The Health Benefits Of Brown Rice!

So we have a healthier option to white rice that we can consider when choosing our food sources.  White rice is good for those who like it, but brown rice overall is the healthier option, even though it is not marketed as such.  Brown rice is not advertised as the better option because it has a much shorter shelf life than white rice.  White rice is bleached and enriched with vitamins after the fact.  Brown rice is naturally infused with vitamins and minerals and not processed.  With all of the rice we consume in this world we now can see the differences and make some important dietary decisions.  The Health Benefits Of Brown Rice!


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