I Am Too Old For What?

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I refuse to let any part of my mind, body, and soul believe that I am getting too old to accomplish anything.  The media and society will have you believe that age can actually determine success.  Society would have us buy into the notion that only a person who is of a certain age will be able to accomplish the greatest of ideals.  I have total respect for young people and believe that they are the key to our future.  By passing the baton on to them we are able to see our society continue to the next generation.  It is just marketing and the mass media that to tend to focus on the young when it comes to achievement in entertainment, computer technology and other entrepreneurial start ups.  Those individuals outside of those ages ranges are felt to be over the hill or just plain old.  Age is a number, yet only through time can we gather the wisdom, knowledge and experience to overcome the obstacles and barriers to our success.  I Am Too Old For What?

If you believe you are too old to accomplish something, that thought becomes a seed that  can control our views of life and how we operate within it.  Can you imagine how many people refuse to even attempt to accomplish a goal because they actually believe they are too old to make it happen?  The walls and barriers of age need to be demolished so that we can walk free and start to get busy with our plans.  If our minds and perceptions are completely sharp, focused and resilient we can keep on creating indefinitely, regardless of age.  No individual can erect a wall or barrier that we cannot overcome.  If we think beyond a barrier and wall, it cannot stand in opposition to us in anyway.  I Am Too Old For What?

I move mentally beyond any ideas that will limit me based on age.  My focus is to develop into a more skillful human being.  I have not been put on this planet to allow my age to limit me in any way.  I am considered to be advancing in age, but it is I who determine the meaning of my life.  When we take the reigns, and control fully how we perceive ourselves, we will be able to use our progressing age to our advantage.  We will soon realize that all of the hardships, knowledge, life experiences, acquired friendships, combine together to become a kind of inner wisdom database that will grow within us as we get older.  This inner wisdom database helps us navigate through our daily activities with much more ease than we could even ten years prior.  Age can bring a level of experience, steadiness, and insight that cannot be pretended or faked.  This just becomes a natural part of our internal software.  Age brings with it so many assets that there should be no added limitations that come with the advancement of our years.  We are just being slowly made into a masterpiece.  I Am Too Old For What?

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