I Will Persist!

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Even though there may be a storm in my life, I will fight through until I accomplish my goal.  The thunder, lightning and rain may cloud the vision of a crystal clear sunshiny day, yet I will persist to the end.  Those who should have my best interests at heart, have surrounded my goal with their envy, jealousy and hatred.  I will not be stopped by anything.  I am the perfect embodiment  of persistence and faith.  This is the level of thinking we are striving to reach for.  When trials and tribulations are surrounding us, the proper thought can anchor us firmly to the earth where nothing can move us.  There will be times when the only clarity in our lives will come from the thoughts we manifest from within.  I will persist!

When in the physical world it seems as though there is absolutely no sign of our eventual success we have to persist in our thinking and actions.  One of the most powerful forces we have is focused, reinforced thought.  You may be surprised at how many people doubt you, when they cannot see evidence of the things you have faith in.  Very few people can believe in things they cannot see.  Most individuals would not like to gamble their financial and mental resources on an invisible dream.  Yet that is exactly what must be done if we would like to change the quality of our lives and existence.  Even an architect has to start with a blank blueprint.  When he creates a blueprint he can then have a small scale model of the building created that he wants to bring into the light of day.  Mental persistence come into play when finances, materials, and other essentials that are needed to complete the architects vision are not at hand.  The architect must be persistent and hold on to his vision, regardless of the obstacles he faces.  If not the building will remain a vision.  I Will Persist!

Imagine having the kind of persistence that knows no defeat.  A level of persistence that can help us travel through the storms of life.  When our persistence is very strong, we can rise above the storms and clouds until we see only the sun.  Imagine the thrust necessary to lift an airplane from the airport runway until it climbs above all turbulence into the light of the sun.  Think of all of the human beings going to work daily while birds are free to soar above the buildings they are working in.  They are free to travel, explore and fulfill their destiny.  High level persistence focused on a goal will help us to create the mental freedom that can make ideas transform into crystal clear reality.  If we give up too soon we are literally pulling the rug from underneath our feet.  Persistence may be the only thing we can depend on, when everything and everyone around us is responding to us as if they were shifting sand.  Persistence becomes like a sturdy bridge that connects two land masses.  We will travel over that bridge to get closer to our destination.  I Will Persist!

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