Do What You Really Love To Do!

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Who really cares about what other people want you to be or accomplish.  So many people have forceful, and even grand ideas about what they think we should be doing right now.  Even though there are various opinions pointing to us daily, how many people do we meet who are actually happy in their daily occupations.  If you do not love what you are doing, the precious time in your life is slowly dragging along.  When any of us is doing the thing we would really love to do, we are in the right place and at the right time.    Doing what you love to do and having the talent to execute that task is the equivalent of walking into a dream in your lifetime.  There are so many people who go to work everyday who literally hate their jobs and everything associated with it.  Imagine coming to the end of your life and having to look back at those memories with intense regret.  Imagine wasting valuable, precious time and never being able to recoup it.  Do What You Really Love To Do!

It is so easy to settle for a paycheck, comfort, and a title just to maintain stability in our lives.  The events in our lives can grow to be very comfortable when we are not chasing what we really love to do.  The reality is that when we are not doing what we really love to do, we are like a train going down the wrong track.  We are traveling and creating momentum, yet we are going in the wrong direction and not arriving at the proper destination.  Who cares about all of the noise you create with your life if you do not love what you are doing.  There are many people making lots of money, have material items, and are not doing what they love to do.  Yet some of them wonder why they don’t feel fulfilled in their occupation and even THEY dread going to work in the morning.  Do What You Really Love To Do!

We need to be able to make good money doing what we really love to do.  The things we are genetically, mentally, physically and spiritually wired to do.  If we do what we love, we will have a higher chance of being blessed because love is considered to be the most creative force in the universe.  It is so creative that: God=Love!  If we can line ourselves up with the creative force that makes things happen and live in that mode of thinking daily, good will be drawn to us.  Love is considered to be a powerful magnetic force when it is a constant presence in the human mind.  What happens when you have or dislike what you are doing on a daily basis. Hate and dislike will attract conditions similar to their innate vibe.  It would be so much easier to do what you love because the energy would be just right to get what you want.  Do What You Really Love To Do!




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