I Do Believe In Miracles!

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In the midst of seemingly impossible dreams, depressing international affairs and daily negative internet gossip, miracles are absolutely possible.  These are the days, times and environments in which miracles can be brought forth.  If a human being can see and think of an outcome that totally contradicts their everyday existence, they are laying the mental foundation for miracles to happen in their life.  Mental and spiritual forces emanating from within when harnessed have the ability to change reality.  These changes do not happen overnight but they do in fact happen.  Mental and spiritual forces are more powerful than lifes scenes and the conditions we meet daily.  We actually are creating the realities in our lives.  There is a scripture in the bible that says: “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”  The issues of life spring forth from the heart of man or woman.  The heart is your subconscious mind.  It has the programs that life experiences, family, society and we ourselves have programmed into it.  Those programs are constantly transformed into the issues and conditions we meet in our lives.  I Do Believe In Miracles!

It is interesting that the verse is really more of a universal law than an idle scripture or statement.  The very idea that all (not some) of the issues of our lives stem from the quality of the ideas lodged in our hearts is absolutely revolutionary.  We may want to blame persons, places, and things for the odd circumstances and unforeseen events that show up on our doorsteps.  These circumstances and unforeseen events that show up on our doorsteps are created by the quality of the thoughts and visions in our hearts (subconscious minds).  Yes your subconscious mind is located within you.  The thought is transmitted from your eyes to the brain.  When that thought gathers “feeling”, your heart is being stirred up and creation is starting to happen.  Change the thoughts that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis and you will realize that we are all walking miracles.  Even if we don’t believe it we have made a great contribution as to what comes in our lives.  We can bring great blessings or tremendous burdens based on the constant signature signal we send out to our world and universe.  I Do Believe In Miracles!

The very idea that any consistent change that occurs in our hearts  must produce an outer corresponding change is a miracle in and of itself.  When we make a permanent change within, we end up creating similar events on the outside.  This is the very reason we should all believe that miracles are possible.  We are not stuck or frozen in time.  We just have to change the constant  signature frequency we are sending to the universe.  The universe is everywhere in existence, not just out in space.  We are living in a miraculous thought, and feeling environment where the chemical change happens in our inner world and blossoms as our reality.  We just have to have a consistently changed frame of thought mixed with faith filled actions.  I Do Believe In Miracles!


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