The IPAD AIR Invades the Tech World!

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The original IPAD actually invented the best concept of the tablet, with all of its unique specs and groundbreaking functionality.  It is interesting to note that Steve Jobs and Apple made a product that is still at the forefront of technology.  It has been at the pinnacle of success in such a way that entire industries have been created or modified with the IPAD being the major instrument to facilitate the needs of the user.  The IPAD is now the standard tablet being used in major business applications in various industries.  Just as the Blackberry was formally the #1 choice for the portable smartphone business executive.  The IPAD is now the tablet of choice for the following industries: Hospitals, Retail Sales, Corporate Offices, Airplane Pilots, Small Businesses, Mall Kiosks, Real Estate, Hospitality, Education and more.  The Apple IPAD has proven that with its, ease of use and quality it can remain at the forefront of tablet technology.

The new IPAD AIR continues the tradition with a  new sleek design and various new specs.  The new IPAD is now thinner than the previous generation to the tune of 7.5 millimeters and weighs just 1 pound.  This new IPAD AIR is very close to a quarter of the volume of the last generation IPAD.  The IPAD AIR has a touch-rejection algorithm which allows the IPAD to recognize if your are just resting your thumb on the IPAD screen or if you are manipulating it for a specific function.  The IPAD AIR is also 28% lighter than the previous generation model.  The IPAD AIR comes with the usual Retina Display.  The side bezels were reduced in size so that the 2048 by 1536 resolution display with over 3.1 million pixels could appear much more prominent.  This all amounts to a more crystal clear picture from your IPAD AIR.

The IPAD AIR comes powered with a Apple Designed A7 chip which brings 64-bit power to this tablet.  The A7 chip allows APPS to run faster, games to move and respond faster.  Overall the A7 chip is 2 times faster than the previous generation tablet.  The A7 chip also runs much more efficient which allows the IPAD AIR to have a 10 hour battery life.

The WI-FI for the IPAD AIR is 2 times faster than the previous generations.  In addition to this increased WI-FI performance, it comes with 2 antennas.  Download speeds can match 300 Mbps which is also double the previous generation IPAD.

As far as Apps are concerned the IPAD AIR comes preloaded with: I-Photo, I-Movie, Garage Band, Pages, Number and Keynote.  All of the Apps available on the IPAD AIR are designed specifically for the Tablet so users can be sure of seamless functionality.  There are over  475,000 Apps ready for immediate download and use.  This will enable the user to expand their IPAD AIR into endless App possibilities.

Since the IPAD was already a leader in its class, the changes and tweaks that have been made for the Tablet, will still allow it to get straight A’s.  So many improvements have been packed into the IPAD AIR that consumers will find purchasing it a “no brainer”.  The IPAD AIR will easily fit into all of the industries it has become a standard in, due to it being the industry leader in name and in form.  It lives up to the hype.  It is amazing to watch technology that once did not exist , to eventually grow to become a product many could not live without today.  It makes you wonder where technology will be in 20 years.  Where do you think technology will be?




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