The Power Of The Pen!

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The power of the pen is completely unlimited.  Ideas, concepts, opinions and pictures can flow through the mind behind the power of the pen.  The pen can create through all of the tools we use today such as a computer, tablet, pencil or pen.  The pen is the word that will be used in the title and body of this post to describe the art of skillful writing.  We are consistently reading and ingesting the Pen Power of authors on a daily  basis. We are doing this through the avenues of books, magazines, newspapers, E-books, iPads, and Laptops.  The power of the pen allows the writers concepts, opinions and mental polish to transmit ideas that enhance our daily experience.  In some form or fashion the power of the pen rules the world, even if it does so from behind the scenes.

In the world of television and movies it is the writer who creates the powerful script that controls the words the actor speaks to create dialogue and scenes.  Without creative writing all television shows and movies would come to a complete halt.  The power of the pen can make a book become so powerful that it can have an additional life on the movie screen.  If the Godfather was not a superb novel, the films that were derived from the book would not have received the world wide acclaim they receive to this day.

The power of the pen is completely unlimited in its reach.  Writers in all reality rule in the past, present, future timeframes.  Writers control how history, science, life is pictured, described and remembered.  They even control how the future will be foretold.  Writing can be a science, mixed with spirituality that allows ideas to stick to your soul.  There is absolutely no field of endeavor in which a writer is not needed to paint a mental picture, describe events, create scenes that have never existed before.  The real secret is that writing of the highest order has the power to ultimately change many things in this world.  All of the scriptures were captured and written down by some human being who could receive the transmission of those words.  Please tell me one place in this society in which quality writing is not needed.  You will be hard pressed to find any where in our modern society in which some form of writing is not, expressing creative ideas, or even propaganda.  Those who are in positions of power have an arsenal of writers who convey their ideas no matter how subtle.  Powerful politicians even have speechwriters that create the powerful presentations they deliver.  The power of the pen circles the planet and dominates past, present, and the future with ease.  The author is the mastermind who wields the power of words as if it was a sword dripping with ink.  The Power Of The Pen.

The power of the pen can make the mind soar like a jet or crawl the earth as a snake based on the intent of the author.  Good times are all around us, as clouds are on the horizon.  Words have a tendency to etch themselves into our inner world.  We are completely shaped  by the words that we are literally being immersed in on a daily basis.  We cannot hide from a complete bombardment of words coming at us through desktop computers, tablets, laptops, cellphones, billboards, newspapers magazines and much more.  If you are really a writer, you have the ability to shape the minds of human beings who absorb the scrolls of ideas you inject into their stream of thought.  You written word may be circulating this earth 50 years or more from this present day.  The power of the pen has the ability to move beyond time and space and affect future generations.  Haven’t you read works by authors who have passed on, but their writings live on?  The power of the pen will remain and influence the lives of many whether we are here are not.  Let us respect the power of the pen.



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