Are You Really A Music Producer?

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So many individuals are able to purchase the software and musical equipment necessary to create the music of today.  In the past an artist or producer had to spend a large amount of money to book  time in a studio.  Studio equipment was so expensive that the most any person could own would be a project studio.  Today with the improvements and technological expansions in computer technology, you basically have the power of a complete studio within your computer.  This has opened the door for several tech savvy musical computer users to believe they are actually producing music.  The technology does not come before studying the greatest music of the past.  I do not believe you need to read music to be able to create music, but you must know what good music feels like.  Technology and its availability can trick a person into believing that music is not an art.  It is an art of the mind, spirit, and the body.  All three of these components are used together with hard work , and research, yet none of these can promise powerful music.  Are You Really A Music Producer?

I remember Quincy Jones saying many times across various platforms that “Melody Is King”.  How do you learn about melody, harmony and arrangement if you never take the time to listen to some quality music.  How could a would be musician know what these things sound like in real time if they don’t experience them through music on a regular basis.  The technology of today can be flashy, powerful, and advanced, but it cannot bless an artist with talent or skill.  I use Protools but I know it is only a tool for me to polish my musical works.  The creation is up to me.  A producer has to acquire the ear for great sound by listening to powerful music.  This opens up and broadens your musical palette and mental database.  Believe me studying the past will influence your music especially when studying the classic music that has inspired generations.  Some people may think this type of topic sounds preachy but this article is for the musician who is actually looking for a way to expand their mind and the music that comes from their inner being.  Some of the music that was great in the past could actually make chills go up and down your spine time after time.  These artists had tapped into something knowingly or unknowingly.  Great music has the power to change your mood at the drop of a dime.  You cannot get that kind of power as a music producer without a history, experience, and an ear for the best in melody, harmony and overall sound.  You cannot get that power from just buying the latest and greatest in digital, audio, workstation software.  Are you really a music producer?

I fully support the era we are in right now.  It is the era of the independent digital distribution of your musical works.  We have to make sure we put our hearts and souls  into our musical creations.  The audience will not only be able to hear the music we are creating.  They will be able to feel the intangible  musical fingerprint of our souls.  The energy that we quietly carry with us everywhere we go, is sent right down into the soil and foundation of the musical diamonds we create for the world to hear.  If one person downloads your musical work , you are possibly  starting a domino effect to where millions of people may end up listening to that song one day.  Especially if that song goes viral.  That song may be part of the soundtrack  to many individuals lives in the future.  That is the potential power of music you are creating.    Put the best that you have in terms of melody, harmony, and spirit into your musical soundscapes.  Let the entire earth tremble in awe of the power of your musicality.  This the perfect time to have the light shone on our talents.  That is the way to make the listening audience feel the true you through the music and technology.  Formulaic sound will be forgotten, yet art from the heart will last for generations.  Nothing can stop the music because it is felt deeply.  Are You Really A Music Producer?

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