Is Your Faith Unstoppable?

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Have you ever noticed how the view of your goals may get hazy in the midst of your everyday activities?  The daily grind of life can cause the very thing we need to “go after” to seem very difficult to fight for and achieve.  The daily grind will allow us (if we let it) to let the days, weeks and years go by until we get to the end of our lives and most of our desires are left incomplete.  The daily routine that we walk into and endure can become like a slow-motion dream sequence that steals the beauty of our goals and makes them drifting scenes we can never recover.  The repetition of our daily routine is under our control.  We have to be very careful that we do not let the things we really want to do to slip away into eternity.  If you think you have all of the time in the world to accomplish your chosen task, stop fooling yourself.  We all know we will not live forever.  There are so many of us who are super talented, yet our faith is not unstoppable.  We have work to do, to get there.  Unstoppable  faith moves obstacles and excuses out of the way.  Is Your Faith Unstoppable?

The world around us can be shaped by our thought, vision and actions.  The thought form that seems to be the mental chemical elixir that moves things and changes the world around us is faith and feeling.  Unstoppable faith is something we all should strive to obtain.  You could have all of the education, connections and talent needed to be successful yet still fail, due to a lack of faith.  It is very easy to believe, when you have minimal obstacles.  When obstacles completely surround you and outweigh the possible light at the end of the tunnel, can you stay on the path?  Are you able to walk through life believing when it looks and feels as though you are going to completely fail?  You have no financial backing and others with less talent than you are able to fail time and time again, with major money scattered at their feet.  There are individuals who are literally clowns in terms of talent, who get paid well to maintain a high level of mediocrity.  If you are truly talented with no financial backing, can you have unstoppable faith in the midst of a literal circus that has no end in sight.  Is Your Faith Unstoppable?

At this point in my life I realize that having just an average quality of faith will limit me in all of my activities.  Our faith has to see through tunnels, dark alleys, around corners, survive under water, succeed in fire, maintain power in a hurricane, and survive in outer space if necessary.  These statements are not being written for the purposes of sensationalism.  If our faith is weak, attainable goals will be pounded into dust and abandoned.  Living with the pain of abandoned goals can lead to a sense of hopelessness.  The hopeless vibration is the opposite of faith and cannot lead to the colorful final scene in the movie of our lives.  Faith will have to be developed by repetition and under pressure.  When action is under pressure, aided by the power of words, visualization and feeling the end result, is the foundation for unstoppable faith.  Is Your Faith Unstoppable?

I know that I have to build my faith because there are dreams that I have, that need to grow legs and walk.  I am not receiving any handouts, financial or otherwise.  That means I must make a change, not anyone else on the planet.  I must change the person that is looking at me in the mirror.  I have to realize that even if everyone on this earth refuses to help me, I must persist regardless.  We have to remember that there is not a person on earth that owes us anything.  The determined, self motivated person cannot be stopped.  Other people have no influence on the outcome of our actions.  The self motivated person is willing to go to war alone in order to fight for the accomplishment of the task at hand.  If others don’t believe in them, they eventually will because that person will proceed forward regardless of the treacherous terrain.  Unstoppable faith does not always need supporters every step of the way in order for its user to run across the finish line and win!  Is Your Faith Unstoppable?

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