I Do Not Apologize For Making Music!

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Today the creation of music is seen as a joke, since anyone who can purchase software can be considered a composer or producer.  The musical state of affairs today can sometimes leave the listener confused as to where to find sincere artistic expression.  Regardless as to what the world at large is doing musically, I make no apologies for creating music and doing what I love to do.  I will not stop exploring different collaborations to express what I have been practicing for so many years.  I am still learning and growing.  I say this because so many people are jumping on the bandwagon of music today that it has become a fad or a frivolously acted out trend.  So when you see me release music, it is done from a sincere and genuine place in my heart.  I Do Not Apologize For Making Music!

I am not trying to convince anyone to like my music in this written piece.  I just want others to know that music is a part of my natural expression.  I am not participating in the creation of music to be part of some type of circus act, fad or trend.  As I release musical projects in the future, please recognize that this is all real with no additives or preservatives.  I view the creation of music as a mental and spiritual activity.  There is no “Hustler” mentality in my heart when it comes to creativity.  I come from a musical family.  There are many in my family who have the art of music written in their hearts.  By sincerely creating music I am just expressing my heart and transforming it into sonic form.  With all of the disposable music being offloaded onto the internet on a daily basis, producers are being lumped together as a dime a dozen breed of mediocre or no talent composers.  I would not like to be lumped together with these producers just looking to make a quick hit or go viral once.  The music I intend to release will not be a carbon copy of everything you have heard before delivered with a rolling of the dice.  I Do Not Apologize For Making Music!

I see music as an art created for the love of the best in feeling, sound and personal emotional sensation to be poured into the heart of the listener.  This is not a game and the victorious musician has the unique ability to touch the lives of people they may never meet. So when you hear I am releasing new music do not be alarmed.  I am not a clown masquerading or pretending to be anything for show.  We should boldly bring forth the works of our hearts with the purest of intentions.  There should be no apologies for expressing that which is from the heart.  The music industry is over (for the moment) and the independent artist now has a chance to be king.  If a measure of success is meant for us, then it will come.  I will freely release the music projects that are to come and embrace all that comes from it, whether it be good, bad or indifferent.  This piece was written so that the reasons and motivations undergirding my natural expression of music be understood.  It was also written so that other artists, writers, filmmakers, etc be unafraid to express themselves without conforming to what others want them to be.  There is nothing wrong with being an artist or creative person who is unbound and free to pursue innovation without superficial limitations and boundaries imposed by outside forces.  Embrace your art to the fullest.  I Do Not Apologize For Making Music!

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