Reality Eventually Becomes History!

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That which is a reality today, ends up becoming tomorrows history.  Popular culture at its height today becomes the timeline that the future generations will eventually reference.  I was recently watching a movie/documentary about the Hip-Hop group “A Tribe Called Quest” and noticed that I remembered many of those songs coming out 20 years ago. I was actually assisting in the creation of a magazine with a partner of mine when those songs were being released.  The songs that “Tribe” created were playing in the background  as we were creating that magazine.  These songs have become part of the soundtrack of my life at the time.  I also measured the goals I had at the time and how many of them I actually accomplished.  The main thing that stuck out in my mind was that time is a force that will never stop for any human being on earth.  The events, music, news, art, etc. we experience today, will become actual history that others will read about when we have passed on.  Time is a very important tool to properly use, to our advantage.  As time passes on Reality Eventually Becomes History!

As stated above the things we take for granted as everyday “happenstance”, news, or musical fanfare will eventually become ancient history to future generations who read about our current existence.  We have to make sure that the mark we leave will be one we will be proud of.  It is not mandatory that we leave no mark on this earth at all.  Our destiny awaits us and time is our ally if used properly.  Have you ever thought that you are one that could change the course of history directly or indirectly.  Are you the individual that will teach a young person something that will allow him/her to alter the course of history?  The things we do will become the subtle, intangible threads that are slowly transforming themselves into a limitless cloth of future events and destinies.  Nothing is unimportant!  All things we do, think and act on are the building blocks for the future to be built on.  As I looked at that music documentary I realized that their music came out over 20 years ago and it has now become a part of history.  20 years has gone by very quickly!  It reminds me again that time is not a force to play games with.  Reality Eventually Becomes History!

Can you imagine that 100 years from now everything that is considered newsworthy, innovative, current, trendy or even the epitome of cutting edge will be seen as events from a distant past.  Time does not have to be an enemy to us, yet it can easily become history before our very eyes.  If we sit still and not accomplish the things we know we should be doing, time has the power to write us out of history.  History can only record the activities of its earnest participants.  You do not have to be famous to create history.  You can have such an influence amongst friends and family that your ideals can live beyond you.  We just have to remember that today’s reality will always become tomorrows history and much of it will be forgotten years from now.  Many important unsung individuals will be forgotten unless we chose to document their lives and the path they chose.  All of the events, people, places and things will eventually evaporate into historical dust.  That historical dust may be manipulated by others so that the original story may change.  It may be time for new interpreters of history to document the present moment as it turns into history.  This will ensure that history can be accurately relived for future generations.  Reality Eventually Becomes History!





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