The Apple Product Launch 2014!

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We have now reached the time of the year where Apple strategically promotes and refreshes key elements within their product line-up.  The Apple Product Launch 2014 is what many consumers, computer enthusiasts and many competing companies have been waiting for.  There was a time some years back when Apple was a complete innovator and game changer within the Smartphone market.  The Blackberry Smartphone is a well known casualty of Apple’s innovative iPhone and it’s many clones.  Regardless of how many phones have imitated the iPhone platform, Apple remains (at this point) the industry standard.  The Apple Product Launch 2014!

The Apple corporation which was founded on April 1, 1976 by: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne today has a net income of $37.037 billion, as of 2013.  The total assets for Apple as of 2013 were listed at $207 billion.  Apple now has approximately, 98,000 employees, 425 retail stores world wide and has recently acquired Beats Electronics.  Some like to mention that the iPhone does not have all of the features some of its clones do have.  They fail to mention that the company has exhibited unparalleled, and staggering growth in recent years.  With that being said, the recent Apple Event on September 9,2014 has new technological gadgets for us to look forward to.  The new Apple products include: The iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 plus, the Apple watch, and Apple Pay.  The Apple Product Launch 2014!

On September 9, 2014 Apple unveiled the new versions of the iPhone which are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus and they feature: An ultra thin backlight, a photo aligned IPS Liquid Crystal, also improved polarizers (the layer beneath the Retina Display), and an Ion strengthened  glass as the material creating the Retina HD Display.  The LCD’s for both phones are made with a new technology which is called “dual domain pixels”, which allow the phones to have an enhanced vivid display of color.  Both phones are also larger than the previous generation 5s.  The iPhones 5s is 4 inches, the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 plus is now 5.5 inches.  The pixels on the iPhone 5s are: 1136 x 640 at 326 ppi.  The pixels on the iPhone 6 are 1334 x 750 at 326 ppi, while the pixels on the iPhone 6 Plus are 1920 x 1080 at 401 ppi.  Both phones have a new chip called the Apple A8 which is a 64 Bit chip which has 2 Billion transistors.  It was built with a 20 nanometer technology which allowed Apple engineers to make a chip that is 13% smaller than the previous generation A7 chip.  The CPU of the both phones are up to 25% faster and the graphic performance is 50% faster.  The iPhone 6 is 50% faster than the first iPhone and 50% more energy efficient.  The goal of Apple was to obviously create a product that by far surpasses the previous generation of iPhone.  The new phones operate faster, are more efficient, and have batteries that last much longer.  The Retina Displays are much stronger while the phones intentionally look “Beautiful” according to Apple executives at the Apple event.  All of this advanced processing is wrapped in a product that is much thinner.  The engineering had to accommodate the new thin sleak product.  The Apple Product Launch 2014!

The new payment process Apple Pay allows all of your credit and debit information to be stored  on your iPhone 6 and 6 plus.  There is a brand new NFC antenna built across the top of the new phones.  There is also a new chip called the Secure Element that stores all of your payment information, in an encrypted, safe and secure manner.  You can also see all of your credit card information on Passbook.  The user will take a picture of their credit card with iPhone I-sight camera and it will be stored in the encrypted Secure Element chip.  Apple Pay allows for a private payment without the cashier or others seeing your personal information.  The user will just scan their phone, over the a new iPhone compatible scanner and payment is complete.  It will be available October 2014.  On the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus as well as with the free IOS upgrade.  The Apple Product Launch 2014!

The Apple Watch according to CEO Tim Cook was created to become, “the best watch in the world”, in terms of precision.  It is synchronized with the Universal Time Standard.  The Apple Watch is an all encompassing fitness device as well.  As you raise your arm the display is automatically activated.  The normal crown that is on a regular watch has been replaced by the Digital Crown.  The Apple Digital Crown allows the user to seamlessly and smoothly zero in on APPS, and make tedious adjustments easy to accomplish.  You can completely use the Digital Crown without adjusting the watch display.  The Digital Crown is also the button that can be tapped to come back to the home screen.  The Apple Watch also has a Flexible Retina Display that has been laminated.  Technically speaking the chip inside the Apple Watch has power comparable to reducing the size of a complete computer system and placing that advanced technology on a computer chip.  There are sensors on the back of the watch that can detect the pulse of the user.  It monitors your daily activity and can suggest fitness goals based on that activity.  The user of the Apple Watch can totally personalize the display so that it fits their lifestyle and personality.  It is basically a computer on your wrist that must be used in conjunction with your iPhone 6 and 6 plus.  The Apple Product Launch 2014!

The Apple Corporation has definitely created products that take technology forward in a quantum leap.  I have had many Apple Products over the years.  When I was publishing an  Urban Music  Magazine in the 90’s, we only used Apple Computers for graphics and general office use.  My partner and I walked around with our Apple NEWTONS attending meetings.  It is also a known fact that the technology within the  Apple NEWTON was the basis for the iPhone.  We knew that Apple was the dominant computer for the creative person and beyond.  Apple continues to innovate and lead the way with innovative technology combined with ease of use.  Will any other companies be able to compete with this industry leader?  We will see.



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