The Cyber Bully!

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It seems to be very easy today for hyper critical individuals to hide behind a computer keyboard, smartphone or tablet and type insensitive comments.  Whether it is a celebrity, ordinary individual or a current event topic, nothing is sacred to some people.  These insensitive statements usually live in the comment sections of a major website, blog or some form of social media.  Some individuals are hacking into famous celebrities social media platforms in order to expose their private photos to the world.  Others are stealing private videos of individuals and are sharing them with the world via social media without their permission.  Hiding behind their computer keyboard, smartphone or tablet is where the cyber bully excels.

The cyber bully is the complete expert on all things, and crushes  anyone who may disagree with him, while creating comments of total disrespect.  They can hide behind anonymity and say the most rude, uncaring, insensitive things in the comment sections of various news sites or blogs.  When you read these comments you wonder if these people would really have the absolute courage to confront the individuals they are criticizing in the light of day.  I believe that the cyber bully in his cowardice has helped to create a cynical, negative environment online that has leaked into our society.  I believe many read these comments and think that these negative statements are an accurate gauge of how people actually feel.  Some of these professional com-mentors are just trying to create complete controversy so that they can have the spotlight for a few seconds.  Even if the commentary is completely sincere, is it necessary for the words to be so negative?  Especially if the celebrity or subject matter is not something they are intimately acquainted with.  The cyber bully just types not understanding the law of Cause & Effect as it relates to their actions.

Everything we think do or say is a Cause thereby creating an Effect.  The cyber bully sends out a Cause not realizing the lives that are affected by their words and actions.  Should we make fun of , criticize, or mock people just because we have the ability to anonymously type some words.  We can give constructive criticism without making fools of ourselves or others.  We also should remember that our comments will live some where in cyberspace forever.  What if our collective commentary and overall social media profile could be compiled to assess our mental stability to operate on or receive a job in the future?  What if that is what the future holds for us as a society?  The cyber bully would then be in trouble.  There is a way to  comment where you can inspire all parties involved.  I know that sounds completely corny to most people who are creating an atmosphere of criticism, sarcasm, promoting stereotypes, and even race baiting.  We all live in a world where being involved with social media, websites, and blogs will eventually be inevitable for most of us.  Let us try to not be a cyber bully in how we communicate or critique online.  If individuals do not change there will more incarcerations based on the newly emerging cyber bully who stalks the public from his home in his bathrobe, with a cup of tea, eggs and toast.  There have even been suicides based on personal private videos being released to the public via social media in a reckless manner.  We really do not need the online community to become a false, fake, toxic environment where cowards can hide behind a computer mouse, smartphone, or tablet to wreak havoc on the general public with no remorse.


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