Legendary Producer Larry Smith Has Died!

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Larry Smith the legendary “King Of The Beats” died on December 19th, 2014.  Larry Smith with his groundbreaking beats, 3D Sound, super melodic music that had that special “feeling” helped to usher in the Golden Era of Hip Hop music.  Regardless of how much time has passed his music has been able to carve a niche in the Hip Hop genre without ever being duplicated on any level.  I have met people from different parts of the world who grew up on the music he created for RUN DMC, WHODINI and many others before the internet was even relevant.  The music of Larry Smith is international in its scope.  I was watching the new NAS Film/Documentary based on his album Illmatic and they played a snippet of the Smith produced song for WHODINI: One Love.

Larry Smith was a producer whose music was so powerful that whether or not a video was made for the song it became part of the soundtrack of your life.  Many producers have come forth with their compositions, but very few have content that goes to the heart and never leaves.  Larry Smith in many ways was unsung, and it seems that many musical trailblazers open doors that other artists walk through and capitalize on.  Let us celebrate the life and musical legacy of Larry Smith and never forget the pioneers who paved the way for our present day musicians and their accomplishments.  Imagine what Hip Hop would be like if there were no RUN DMC, or WHODINI just to name a few.  These are 2 of the groups that helped to create the 30 year Hip Hop phenomenon.  In a musical climate where the amount of memorable, groundbreaking songs is becoming quite minimal, let us respect and learn from the masters of the past to create future magic.  Larry Smith suffered a stroke in 2007 which he never fully recovered from.  This also prevented him from creating any new masterworks.  He has left enough music for us to remember and enjoy.  Let us make sure his legacy lives on forever.


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