Building Your Legacy

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You may have never thought about what type of legacy you will leave on this earth, yet you are effortlessly creating one right now.  Many of us as human beings walk the earth with no concept as to what true and worthwhile legacy we will leave behind.  A legacy could be a thought process, music, a documentary, a film or even a video of you expressing your ideas, written notes, an invention or even just the way in which you live your life.  Regardless of what we do, we are all building our legacy now.  Whatever we are doing right now, manifesting and expressing, will end up being the fingerprint we will leave on this earth.  Wouldn’t it be great if every act we made actually became a stone being laid for our future legacy?  The idea that you are constantly building your legacy will help us to bring our actions and thoughts into focus.

Building your legacy has nothing to do with dying or envisioning life after death.  Some individuals are so creative and success orientated that the accomplishments and activities of their youth has already garnered inspiration from onlookers.  Anything done with absolute excellence can be part of a human beings legacy.  Any act or deed that enters a persons memory banks and makes a positive or negative impression will end up being a legacy deposited into their mind.  Some individuals have been abused and the one who has inflicted some kind of pain on that individual has left them with an unwanted legacy that haunts them daily.

Music and entertainment has the ability to leave an instantaneous legacy imprint on our minds.  Those artists, musicians, actors or directors don’t have to die in order to leave their mark on our minds and lifestyle.  I am just partly twisting the definition a bit, so that we all can strive to affect the lives of others by what we do now and how we do it.  Some of us will be leaving with others a legacy of a frivolous nature which will leave no lasting impression on anyone.  We have to be careful of this because time and life wasted can never be recaptured.  We have to remember that everything we do is continuously creating the legacy we will leave with family, friends, children and even strangers.  If we carry negative energy we can leave a toxic legacy that will wreak havoc on the lives of those we intermingle with.  Why should we leave others with a legacy of chaos?  We can do much better.

There are many of us who could really care less about leaving a positive legacy on this earth.  Yet there are those who continue to complain about how their daily conditions worsen, yet they do nothing about it.  There are some of us that are gearing up to leave behind a legacy of utter disaster and embarrassment that may last for generations.  If we all would consider that every day we live and breathe, we are knowingly or unknowingly creating a legacy that will impact the world in some way, we would act differently.  Creating a legacy for us as human beings is a task we will never be able to escape.  We are powerful entities that tend to influence people in such a way that we can start a ripple effect that extends outward into our environment.  We send energy into the atmosphere of our families, companies, jobs, trains, planes, automobiles and  various relationships.  We have an effect on everyone we come in contact with.  The real question is how will we wield the scepter of this power and what direction shall we point it.  The complete unfolding of our legacy is at our disposal and is happening automatically whether we appreciate its power or not.  Let our legacy be the positive powerful shadow we cast after we leave any room, situation or interaction.


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