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There are artists who display their music, documentaries, spread information, conduct interviews, all doing it with the idea of getting some exposure for their work.  They are not expecting the comment sections of You Tube or other social media sites to become the battleground for comment section cowards.  I wonder if truly talented artists, or just plain creative individuals would have the time or energy to fill the comment sections of social media sites, online newspapers, and blogs with endless negative, hypercritical mental sewage.  When you look at the comment sections of our most popular social media sites you get the feeling that the mentality of our society is descending below common decency.

I know that we possess the ability to express freedom of speech, but there has to be a limit.  It is very easy for comment section cowards to hide behind their keyboards and leave the most disrespectful and negative comments.  Some computer users engage in such vicious arguments within the comment sections that they tend to go completely off topic and even attack one another for several paragraphs.  There are a few who just comment to promote their products with links and spam comments.  Even on this site I have to constantly hit the trash button for spam comments and those with self promoting “links”.  I believe the true purpose of a comment section for the common individual is to leave an honest critique.  You might even be open to debate with a fellow commenter about your critique of the video or subject matter being displayed.  Today self promoting, rude and disrespectful attacks in the form of comments has become so commonplace, that we can some times forget the intent of the article, video, documentary or interview after reading the comments.

It takes more courage to sincerely express and present information to the public at large.  It is easy to comment but much more bold and courageous to deliver a genuine, sincere reflection of our innermost thoughts and creativity.  I am not speaking  of ideas being presented for the sake of ego.  When you give sincerely minus the ego and the search for popularity, you are truly giving without necessarily seeking anything in return.  When you are presenting information from that standpoint you could care less about what people think because your motives are some what pure.  Comment section cowards from my viewpoint want to gain low level fame, notoriety, and power through putting others down and ridiculing them.  Isn’t that a reflection of human interaction in society.  There are people who can only rise by putting others down or what they consider putting them in their place.  Power does not come through destroying the aspirations of creative people.  Hiding behind anonymous negative commentary is not a solution but the height of cowardice.  Cowards throwing punches in the dark need to sit down and find their true purpose in life and live it.  Get off the side lines.  Let me know what you think about the words you see in the comment sections of the various social media websites and otherwise.





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