Gun Control Laws and The Value of Life!

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Gun Control Laws



Some individuals think that Gun Control Laws may somehow stop the violence we see happening in various cities, college campuses, and even movie theaters in the United States.  A law can only work if there is a mental framework being reinforced in the society at large.  That mental framework explaining the danger of guns has to be promoted with the same efficacy as we promote multi billion dollar fast food chains, technology and department stores.  The proper mental framework should involve showing the value of anger management and the divine value of human life.  If there is no value for life there will never be any kind of true and effective Gun Control Laws.  We need to control our minds and vision so that our first impulse would not be to completely erase the person that sparks the fury of our temper off of the face of our planet Earth.

America can erect any kind of Gun Control Laws that are conceivable, but the mind state of the human being is primary to any sustained change in action.  The mind state of America must change permanently from deep within at the subconscious level for actions to change.  When all of the genius fast food marketing masters who are able to successfully sell unhealthy products to the American public use their skills to sell the value of human life, things will change.

It is a sad state of affairs when killing someone is answer to an argument.  When someone is killed, they are taken off of this planet permanently.  I am pretty sure the karma for such an act must bring back some kind of deadly force or conditions back to the sender.  Is killing someone really an answer to any of the problems society has today?  The family, friends and co-workers of the victim will be impacted in a great way for years to come.  A Gun Control Law cannot fix something that only a permanent change in mentality can produce.  Gun Control Laws will never be able to stop minds that are over sensitive, undisciplined or angry from using this tool to take another life.  This tool (a gun) can kill or save a life which depends on the mind state of the user.  A gun will only be a tool that can be used responsibly as long as there is training, a mind that is psychologically fit, and a proper license where deemed necessary.  There is a necessity of a balanced mind state behind the gun!  That is really what matters!


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