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What timeframe is really relevant for us as human beings?  Past, Future or Now!  We have emotional, traumatic, impressive or even non interesting past experiences.  Does that past really exist for us?  Many will say, no it does not.  Yet the past has the ability to color, and control our present moment reality depending on how much of the pasts vibrations still live in us.  There are many of us who are traumatized by horrendous past events that “pop up” in our present consciousness and haunt our daily reality.  The past has power in the present moment if it is not dealt with or reprogrammed.  The future has a tendency to infect some with fear due the uncertainty it can present.  Some feel that since we can’t fine tune and program the future exactly the way we want,  it is a thing to dread.  With the past and present timeframes having so much power, how do we control the power of  the “Now” on a daily basis.

Our past has the potential to completely color our current mental state to the point where we will inhibit our activities based on events that are no longer real for us.  The past truly is an illusion.  The problem is that the visions of the past still present themselves to our awareness.  The visions of the past can be so real, vivid and emotionally charged that they play across our consciousness like a movie.  This is the main reason the past seems to have the power it does.  Outside of obtaining wisdom from past historical facts, the visions we carry from the past are major motion pictures in which the box office sales affect our reality.  That is how many times these visions from the past are allowed to determine our present actions if we accept the sale to our consciousness.  We have to ignore our past traumas and replace them with new material by constantly feeding our minds with new material and visions.  We also have to remind ourselves that our past experiences are not real today, but long worn out experiences that cannot affect us except through our memories.

The future can seem to be very uncertain because we cannot completely control the outcomes we want.  One thing we must remember is that our future (not all of it) is determined by the actions, thoughts, visions, and vibrations we project into the universe within.  Some may disagree with this.  That is perfectly fine with me.  A human being is an entity that carries an inherited or self determined frequency.  The old adage: “birds of a feather, flock together” was not fairy tale statement.  Successful people attract others like them.  Criminals also attract like minded brethren.  On a common sense level we write our ticket in life which is based on the frequency we carry.  The friends, neighborhoods, and conditions we experience tend to match the frequency we have.  In a sense it is like mathematics.  When you change your frequency you change the quality of your future and the people who inhabit it.  Meditation is a powerful tool for changing your inner being.  This site has an article on Meditation.  It is called: “How To Stay Centered“.  Enjoy.

The present moment is what we have complete control over.  When we force ourselves to live completely in the Now, the past and the future have no control over us.  The actions we take in the NOW will help us overcome past traumas and setbacks.  We will also help ourselves to determine the “color”, “tone”, and quality of our future.  Instead of dreaming and fantasizing about the past or future, we will be living in the Now.  So many people (including myself) allow our minds to drift into the past and ponder too much about future possibilities.  Our mantra should be for us to focus our mind states on the “Now”.  The “Now” is always with us.  It is our job to use it and harness it for our lives.  Now!


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