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Apple MAC mini

The MAC mini has shown that processing power can come in a small efficient package.  This computer can do anything that your average tower can accomplish, while taking up a fraction of the space.  With its size this computer does not even impact a room by taking away from its decor.  It actually blends in as a unique type of technological furniture.  Apple obviously concentrates on the style or visual architecture of its innovations as well as its seamless consistent performance.  Here are some of the specs for this great machine:

  1. There is a 2.3 GHz version and a 2.5 GHz version of the MAC mini.
  2. The Processor for the 2.3 GHz MAC mini has a 2.3 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 with 3mb on-chip shared L3 cache.
  3. The Processor for the 2.5 GHz  MAC mini has a 2.5 GHz core Intel core i5 with 3mb on-chip shared L3 cache.
  4. The Memory for the 2.3 GHz MAC mini consists of 2GB of 1333 MHz DDR3.  Memory can be expanded to 4GB or 8GB.
  5. The Memory for the 2.5 GHz MAC mini consists of 4GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory can be expanded t0 8GB.
  6. The Storage (Hard Drive Space) for both versions of the MAC mini are 500GB (5400 RPM) hard drive.  Both models can be expanded to 750GB (7200 RPM)
  7. The Graphics specs for the 2.3 GHz MAC mini are: Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor with 288 MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory.
  8. The Graphics specs for the 2.3 GHz MAC mini are: AMD Radeon HD 6630 M graphics processor with 256MB of GDDR5 memory.
  9. The computers are WIFI Ready, have Blue tooth capabilities, and Ethernet connectivity.

Check out the MAC mini a space conscious computer with lots of bang for your buck.






IPOD Touch 4

By Apple


Would anyone have thought in the days of the Sony Walkman (portable  FM, AM cassette player) that a IPOD Touch could even be conceivable?  Even in the era of the Sony Discman (portable CD player) an IPOD Touch would seem like science fiction.  Of course the possibility for such technology was there but it would be very far off in the future (in our minds).  The Cassette and CD was replaced with digital streaming and downloading.  You do not have to just log on to your slow desktop to get the internet.  You can watch many of your movies on line instantly through your IPOD Touch.  The radio of the past is now becoming irrelevant.  You now have various internet radio options which also can be retrieved on your Touch.  You can also take pictures and film video with an on board camera.    The IPOD Touch also has games and the ability to speak on the phone with the right APP.

The IPOD Touch 4 currently comes with a 3.5 inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display.  The display is 960 by 640 pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch.  It also comes with cameras, photo and video.  The video recording is HD (720) with up to 30 frames per second with audio.  Still photos are (960 x 720) with the camera on the back.  Imagine how the IPOD Touch 5 will be power packed with even more technological goodies.  The IPOD Touch is a winner.







The Apple – IPHONE 4


The IPHONE has become a complete phenomenon in its popularity and the number of apps that are available for use with it.  This phone allows you to browse the internet and see the web in a more accurate manner.  Not just a limited mobile version.  The original IPHONE helped to redefine and innovate the cell phone industry.  Apple presented technology that was not in existence before the arrival of the IPHONE.  The IPHONE is improved over the original version.  With all of the technological innovations this current version is 9.3 millimeters thin.  The IPHONE is the worlds thinnest smartphone.

The front and back of the IPHONE is made out of two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass.  This is the same type of glass used in the windshields of certain helicopters and high speed trains.  The screen is a retina display the specs are: 960 by 640 backlit LCD display with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, making it the highest -resolution phone screen ever made.  This makes for super clear images.   Apple also created an alloy which makes the frame of the IPHONE and also doubles as an antenna for the phone.  The camera allows the consumer to easily use teleconferencing apps such as skype.  You can also show the surrounding environment that you are in while teleconferencing.  With so many IPHONE’s in use you can easily forget about how many of the smartphones have based much of their current technology on what was started byApple.  The IPHONE 5 is on it’s way shortly with new technology.  The saga will definitely continue.






Apple IPAD 2


There have been many mini-computers and notebooks but as each day passes the IPAD with it’s reliable touch screen capabilities is becoming more appealing.  The transfer of technology across its different product lines is making Apple the standard of this type of technology.  The same technology, simplicity and reliability built into the IPHONE and the IPOD Touch is present in the IPAD.  Therefore making it an easy choice for those who just want to accomplish simple tasks with the least friction (internet, video, games, movies etc.).  The smooth transitions you can make with the touch screen make this tool fun to use as well.  There is a digital keyboard via the touch screen.  There is also a feature where you can edit video and re-assemble them into a movie.  There is also the teleconference feature that becomes possible with the 2 on board cameras.   With an array of covers including leather options you are ready to go.  The thinner, technologically advanced IPAD is ready to go.


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